Monday, September 28, 2009

Holding On To Our Blessings :)

So we have been getting out the baby stuff you know those things you whip out when you have had soo many already- and you start to get really excited!!! This is the sling that we bought when we were going to bring Hannah home (of course now she is in her Heavenly Home). I reminisced about the day we bought it.

So when Jonathan woke up from his nap today I brought it out. You see...maybe you have a child like him. When he wakes up he is a little bit clingy and grumpy too. So I put him in the sling and he loved it. I have to say I loved it too. Holding my baby close to me reminded me of my privilege as a mom.

I also thought about how we should hang onto moments like that as long as possible. We are soo quick to have our children do all kinds of activities outside the home. So quick to rush them into all kinds of places where you are not with them. So take each moment and hang onto it!

Tonight as I tucked in our Sarah...who I have to say is a challenge at the best of times. I just laid in her bed with her, thinking of all that we went through as a family to keep her & her siblings. How we fought prejudice, a judge who couldn't care less, and ignorance of a bad situation getting worse. So I just rubbed her back for several minutes and as I felt her body relaxed into my arms I remembered how we had to let go and let God. Relax in His Arms!

Thank you God for all of our miracles, and for any more you have planned for our family. We are soo privileged to have these Blessings. Help us to never take any day for not waste away any time we GET to spend with our babes - even when our hearts seem not to be in it.

So these are our stacks of letters and photos we are sending out to ask for help with our adoption. We have recieved a few donations...and are soooo THANKFUL!!!! We are trying to figure out how to put those in the button on the side if they were sent in by mail, or before we changed the button. We have recieved $150 and are soooo thrilled. People have blessed us with their time, their prayers, their efforst, and their money. And we pray God will truly Bless them through this process as well!

We of course are biting our nails waiting for our CPS background check still from Iowa......we literally have everything else done! Our homestudy has been approved (except that detail), and our dossier has been copied -all 3 times. So we wait by the phone hoping it will ring soon saying the CPS check has come back and we can come pick up our homestudy and send in our dossier. Sounds really simple doesn't it?

I have to say we are still overjoyed with the news about our Naomi Caroline - finding out that she is doing so well health wise is such a Blessing. So this brings us to the question- why? I mean why did God choose her for us? I don't know....she was on the list as a special needs child. By all accounts her health record appeared to be pretty poor in different ways. We jumped at the chance to be her parents, and now she is healed. Blows my mind every waking moment. All I can say is that God must have a plan! A BIG one! And I am soooo thrilled that we get to be a part of it! Yeah God!!!


  1. Celebrating with you! Yay!!! And I agree about those special moments and slowing down the pace outside of the home. You all are such a beautiful family.

    May the blessings continue,


  2. God is so good! Can't wait to see your family GROW!

  3. Just caught up on your newest adventure! Congratulations! Love your posts. Thank you for reminding me that even in the routine it's best to take time out for cuddles! Many blessings, I'll keep up better!

  4. We had a nutty bedtime tonight. I should have read this post prior to the craziness. I am sure I would have handled it with more grace.

  5. I have a little one that is clingy and grumpy when waking up also.

    So excited that you are getting closer to bringing your little girl home.

    We do need to cherish every moment we are given.

  6. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will pray for God's provision for your adoption expenses. He is so faithful to provide when we are walking in His will. I can't wait to hear the victory story! :) I also can't wait to see little Naomi at home with her big family.

    Love in Jesus,

  7. I guess I didn't realize until I started this adoption process that I often limit God to this nice neat little box. Then I hear and experience stories where he shows up BIG. I am gently reminded that He is in control and it will ALL work out for His glory. Little Naomi's health story is BIG and He will provide! Phil 1:6

    Love, Vanessa

  8. This really comes home for me with kids leaving home this year! Great reminder and I'm so thankful Naomi is doing so well!

  9. Thank you for the reminder to hold on to the "moments" ;o)
    Prayers and praises for Naomi!! ;o)

  10. I'm so excited to hear of your referral! Can't wait to hear more!
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    (ACGI Family:)