Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bits & pieces & more paperwork for our adoption....

Guess.....who these outfits are for??? Ok so Naomi needs some cutie outfits. Especially since we gave all of our year old stuff away.....so you know pink and purple- our girls thought was great!
Sooo......some updates....we have officially gotten our referral packet & our dossier packet.

We got a call from the FBI- wanting Jason's birthdate (so glad we didn't have to redo them- I was sooo scared that was what they wanted!)....they said they should be sending it off in the next couple of days:)

We got our apt for USCIS- October 2nd! YEAH!!! 9am in New Orleans......boooo, but it's all good!

We have sent off the CPS (child protection services) check for the state of IA. The one new things we didn't know about ahead of time. But it is off, and hopefully they won't be slow about it!

We have our call with our international pediatrician- Friday! We pretty much know there are a lot of unknowns with her health -more than just was listed.

Monday we drive off to Baton Rouge to get the one paper state certified.

We are almost- ALMOST done with the eyes wide open workbook- my eyes feel like they are coming out of my head!!!

We have our dossier call tomorrow, and probably our referral call too- he he he!

So as soon as we get that CPS check done- we are rocking and rolling!!!!! That is the last part of our homestudy and dossier that we need to be done (well the workbook needs a few more pages to be read......& journaled about).....

So yeah God we are getting there- IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU OUR SWEET NAOMI!!!!!!!!!!


So you ask why is Jonathan in the sink??? Well, let's see in Louisiana we have these nasty creatures called - fire ants!!!!! Not at all like Iowa ants- you can play with them, watch them, etc. But not these nasty things. So some attacked my sweet baby boy- His feet are swollen, and we are soaking them in some cold water. Hey, his crying almost threw me over the edge, but after a couple of minutes I distracted him with that squeezy thing he has in his hand, and playing with the ice that is floating......Yeah for 2 year olds that are easily distracted.

So today those bites look sooo yucky! They get a tiny nasty pus spot on the ends, and they itch, and look horrible! So we are keeping our eyes peeled for any infections....and praying for our sweet boy. NOT FUN!!!! Poor baby.

Well, we are excited that on the adoption front we are soooo close we can taste it! Continued HEALING for our precious Naomi & just sooooooo thrilled to be parents again!


  1. We have fire ants here in Texas and they are no fun! I put Benedryl gel on the bites and the swelling goes down really fast and helps with the itching...I get it at walgreens

  2. Aww...poor little boy. He looks so cute sitting at the sink. I hope he is feeling better soon!

    I am SO glad things are progressing so well with the adoption!

  3. Our kids think they see fire ants, but they have no idea. Poor little dude and he still looks adorable!

    Sweet outfits!

  4. Sorry about sweet Jonathan, poor little guy. Prayers for a quick turn around time in the adoption and for healing for Naomi.

  5. Ugghh... fire ants. We were just at the park with friends and the little boy got them all over his legs. It's so painful. A woman told us to make a paste with baking soda and water and keep it on the bites for a couple days. If he has a lot of them, you can cover his legs in the paste and then wrap his legs with plastic wrap and then put big socks over that. Don't leave it on for too long, the bites need air too. So sorry, little buddy!

    Praying for little Naomi to come home soon! So excited to here about her journey. Praise God for His endless blessings!

  6. WOW! I am so happy for you! Really happy, no ugly feeling, promise! :) What a beautiful name! And such a little one! She will be such a perfect fit for your beautiful family! Congratulations!

    You are so close to being done! That is awesome!

    POOR JONATHAN!!!! DOUBLE OUCH! I will be saying a prayer for a quick, uneventful healing!

    Praying Naomi home soon!

  7. Poor little guy! OUCH!
    I 'm so excited for you all on your upcoming adoption!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your new adoption! Thanks for always being such a solid support for those of us with older kids.