Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jason is having Kidney Stone Surgery & silly pics

Ok so I try not to post without pics whenever possible. So here is a guessing game.....which child is this????
Hmmm....yeah....this tells you how serious our home is all the time? NOT
I mean you have to stick out your tongue too!!!
So some fun and games at the Wright Family table- of course you do realize who started this right? No guessses....let's just say He's the biggest kid. Yep, that would be Jason. Gotta love him!

This is just a quick prayer request from blog friends and visitors. Please keep Jason in your thoughts and prayers as he has kidney stone surgery tomorrow. This is done by a scope, and we have to be in Lake Charles by 7:30am (45 min drive). So we will be up bright and earlier than even normal! We value all of your prayers- THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What adorable pictures. I love the mask. It takes so little to make a child happy.
    I will be praying fo Jason. My husband had kidney stone surgery and noticed relief almost immediately.

  2. Praying for Daddy Jason to have a smooth procedure and to heal quickly and praying for Mommy to be able to hold down the fort while Daddy's healing.


    I think Joshua's 3rd but I'm stumped on the rest! :)

  3. Prayers for a quick and easy surgery. Ouch! Love the pics...lol

  4. We have an 'are they all yours" jar. The kids get a dollar everytime we get asked that and can spend it together on what they want.

    They are excited when we get asked that question now not rollin' their eyes

    Momma to ten