Saturday, April 26, 2014

On the mend

 So it's been a couple of weeks ago, but we got to greet friends coming home from the airport!!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!  We were so very thrilled this has taken years to get to this point and they were so more then ready.  And of course there were way to many bumps in the road to count!! 

BUT THEY ARE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 So instead of a pool (which we don't have at this house), we have an outdoor patio and a couple of water tables, a hose, beach toys, and a big tub.  IT WORKS!  :) 
 Didn't seem to both them! 
 They enjoyed it! 
 I am pretty sure this will be a common activity this upcoming summer ;). 
 Surprise- Joanna has new hair ;).  He he he he
 About 14 inches worth! 
 Daddy even tried it out.  Creepy!!
 Here is the new me!  ;) 
 This got shipped off to Locks of Love! 
 This was a house hunt that Daddy came up with. 
 The kids had fun with it. 
 Fun clues. 
 Cute smiles.
 Good memories. 
 And it is something you can do no matter what the weather! 
 Kids all helping each other. 
 Sometimes it helps to sit in the laundry tub to think things out!  ;)
 Cat food was involved....
 Oh and it ended with ICE CREAM!!!!  YOU SCREAM!!! We all scream for ice cream!!
 Afternoon quiet time rotation.  **Do you see sensory needs ;).  He he he he.....
 Andrew is our king of legos! 
New train set we were given :).  The kiddos have been very creative with it! 

So last wee I had a UTI.  Then sinuses hit.  Then my body gave up!  :(  Not any fun!  I am trying to recover, but it has taken a lot longer than I wanted!!!! 

Feeling better now and ready for the week!!!  Next weekend Jason and I are going away for the weekend- ALONE :)!!!  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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