Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sabbath part 3

 So today's picture are brought to you by Joanna & Michael's special day out!  We went to Magic Kingdom with them and got fast passes to do Peter Pan ride, meet and greet with Ariel, and then do story time with Belle.  We watched their all new afternoon parade!  Had a BLAST!!!
 So Sabbath part 3- how does it look? 
 That is something I don't think is set in stone. 
 Sometimes it is going to Disney, to the beach, on a walk, to the park, to the movies, reading a book on the couch, fixing a meal for fun, baking,
 Nap time- (can I get an amen?), bed time for the kids- no really this is time you have to cherish!  Or at least you should!  :) 
 A day out with just one or two of your children, date night with the hubby,
 Early morning prayer time, afternoon prayer time, early morning walks by yourself,
 running, jogging, working out......
 going into the closet with the Word, a flashlight, and chocolate!!!!!  :)
 It can be a project you enjoy and can have time to just think and pray as you go! 
 OH MY the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!!!!!!! 
 What it doesn't include:  WORRY!  CHORES!  NOT FUN THINGS!  GRUMBLING! 
 So how about it?  What can you do to give yourself SABBATH??? 
 SCHEDULE IT!!!  PLAN IT!!!  Don't try to cram to much into it- RELAX!!!!! 
 Sometimes it is once a week for a full day.  Sometimes it is a break time everyday in addition to that. 
 Sometimes it is a week or two- BUT NO WORKING!!!!!!!  That is key!  In fact you may have to throw the phone in a drawer!!!!!!!!  PUT IT AWAY!!!!! 
 So how does it feel to have Sabbath?? 
 OH MY OH MY OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 Like your brain is spinning with new energy!!!!  Like God is filling your heart to overflowing!!!!
 Like you are a new person!!!!
 THAT is why it is necessary!!!!! 
 Living life to the fullest  IS NECESSARY!!!!
 Giving it all you have IS NECESSARY!!!!!
 Enjoying those moments that will soon be behind you IS NECESSARY!!!!
 So schedule it! 
 Set a date! 
 Make a plan! 
 N0 really NOW!
 Don't wait or get distracted......
 Because today is the perfect day to start RENEWING YOURSELF! 
 Your husband/wife will thank you!!!!! 
 Your siblings will thank you!!!! 
 Your boss with thank you!!!! 
 Your friends will thank you!!! 
 God will say- COME AGAIN SOON!!!  Let me remind you WHO YOU ARE! 
 Let me remind you WHOSE YOU ARE!!!!! 
 Give me yourself!!!! 
Give me your burdens and let me give you NEW LIFE!  :) 

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