Monday, March 10, 2014

Adoption Books

 So I went through some of our children's books to pull some of our favorite Adoption Themed Books.
Mommy's Heart Went Pop!  By Christian Kyllonen and Peter Greer is about doing an International Transracial Adoption (Africa).  :)  Well written and great for young children.
JoJo A Tiny Story of Faith by Faith Miller.  This is a detailed story of a young woman who became sick after her husband passed away and a young couple who desperately tried everything to conceive a child (explained in a child friendly way).  They meet "by chance" and the child of this young woman becomes the couple's newly adopted child.  It is a longer story and well written for 8+ year olds.  It is also a story of the Author's life.  :)
My Adopted Child, There's No One Like You by Kevin Leman & Kevin Leman II.  This is a surprisingly wonderful book about a brown bear family that adopted a panda bear.  It talks about doing a family tree project for school.  It talks positively about the birth family and how differences and similarities exist in the birth family and adoptive family!  LOVE this book.
Little Lost Bat by Sandra Markle.  This is a naturally happening animal adoption.  Tells of a bat that lost her baby and a baby that lost its mommy.  They find each other and miraculously adopt each other.  I love this book because it tells that God has a plan for those who need each other and it happens in the world around us not just the human family.
The You We Adore by Valerie Westfall.  This is a story that applies to any adoption and the waiting, praying, searching, and then a dream came true.... 
Room For A Little One (A Christmas Tale) by Martin Waddell.  This is a Christmas story, but I love the theme of there is always room for one more.....  The fact that they continue open the door for the next animal that comes along...and Christ Child too!
God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren.  I can't help but cry when I read this book because it simply talks about the waiting....the yearning....and then FINALLY you were there.  About wanting to give up in the journey, but then knowing that God had a plan and trusting Him.   
You Were Always In My Heart- by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman.  This book is a wonderful international story (from China) and talks about the orphanage and has a friendly lady bug that tells the story.
A Mother For Choco by Keiko Kasza.  It is a cute book and easy for even little littles to understand.  It again talks about differences in appearance between the mother bear and the baby bird.  But the mother points out- what does a mother do?  The baby bird lists things a mother should do, and in the end discovers it must be true- the bear did those things and was indeed his mother.  

Have a favorite adoption book?  Please leave a comment with the book or other website with books that are about adoption on it!  THANKS!!! 
 These books are more about skin, hair, and children who may not act the same as everyone else.....
Jordan's Hair by Ed and Sonya Spruill.  This book talks frankly about skin and hair.  When children don't think theirs is a "good" as others.... Did God make a mistake with me?  Helps address things and comments that hurt.
The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado. This book is another Christmas story, but is about a crippled lamb that is left behind and out of he thinks.  Until he becomes the first to welcome the Savior.
In Jesse's Shoes by Beverly Lewis.  This is an AMAZING story about those who are different!  Adopted or not...doesn't matter, but what do you say when your friends make fun of your brother or sister?  How can we help our children see that God still made them special?
Nappy Hair by Caroliia Herron.  This book is a fun and silly book about hair.  About the kinkiest hair and a family that is sitting around talking about it.
The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler.  This is a great book about skin color for any family!  It really addresses the fun of color that God created! 

Have a book about children with special needs or interacial families- please leave that in the comments as well- THANKS!!  
 The above 2 pictures are of our bosses and founders from Christian Adoption Consultants - Malcolm & Amy Young!!!  And their sweet children whom our children LOVED spending time with!!!! 

It was a blessing to spend time with them and get to know a little more about them!!!  We are thrilled to have people that want to see our family thrive as well as serve others who are doing adoptions.  It is a passion that we all share! 
 Oh and earlier in the week when we went to The Magic Kingdom and got to meet up with Benji, Lyndell & their whole family!!!  They are former clients of ours and it was awesome to get to hang out with them, hug them, and meet with them!  We obviously share a passion for adoption :).
 This past Friday we got to hang out with Emerge Leaders.  What is Emerge?  It is our church The Crossing's junior and senior high ministry.  I volunteer there weekly and love having fun ministering to the youth!! 
 My screen name - Momma Speed!!!  I came in 3rd  in my group :).  Most of all it was just sooo much fun!!!!! 
 My hubby....isn't he handsome!!!! 
 His screen name?  Jason "The Brit" Speed.......
 This young lady saved a family's home this week!!!!  YES SHE DID!

Jason was carrying buckets of water out from our laundry....still ;).  Literally because we are still dealing with our septic tank that ended up as a barrel in the ground.  He stops the washer as it is draining and fills up buckets to carry outside until the septic is put in.....hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  Which turned into a blessing....because....

Joanna was following daddy outside.  She ran in and said daddy it smells like birthday cake!
Daddy went outside and said wow- burning plastic type smell (like a candle on a cake).  Sent Andrew to go investigate real quick to see if it was just a bonfire with something in it?  NOPE- a hose box was on fire!

So Jason grabbed his phone and ran down and started yelling fire to see if the neighbors would know where the family that lived there was.  Well the firemen came...put the fire out.  Which was inching closer to the roof as well the gas tank in the grill on the lanai....  WHEW!!!! 
 The neighbors who lived next door to the house brought Joanna a Thank You balloon and 2 strawberry pizzas!!!  YUMMY!!!  She kept saying we are thankful Joanna said something because their house could have caught on fire too.  Praise God we were here, and everyone was safe.  Oh and Joanna got a high 5 from the firemen too ;). 
 Build A Fort time is the best!!!! 
 Doing Hair......
 Joanna.....those eyes! 
 Cute sections....
 Wrestling on the bed!
 Joshua building with some new to us toys.....oh and we received the Blessing of new to us clothes,  bikes and scooters too!!!!!  Thank you Jennifer and Kevin!!!  We appreciate the fact that so many give to our family!!! 
 So we put up a few things that are helping make our home....feel more homey....
 This will hopefully keep our keys from getting lost!! ;)  And below- the homeschool board is up!  We have it in our dining area as that is where I teach.  Got a good deal on it too ;). 
Oh and then there is this......

This is what I will call REALITY picture!!!  We have some who steal in our home.  Although I do give the children candy now and again.  Somehow??  All of these wrappers ended up in our couch.  Lovely!!!

When I posted it to FB someone said I was crazy for posting it, I said NO JUST REAL!  My home is NOT PERFECT!  My life is not perfect.  My children are not perfect.  I am definitely not perfect.  I don't want anyone under that impression.  BUT.....


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