Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy 6th Adoption Day Joshua, Sarah, and Elizabeth!!! (from the 19th)

 6 years ago........a judge said that Joshua, Sarah, and Elizabeth were to be placed in our home forever as our son and daughters.  I can't explain what that means in words because there are none that give you the emotional depth that it brings to mind. 
 I mean Joshua has some great looks in these pictures and is thrilled with his fireman legos, but that is NOTHING even close to as thrilled as we were that day.  The complete JOY that filled our hearts!!! 
 Their story was hard!  The situation was hard! 
 We had taken the foster care class again after moving to Louisiana (after taking it in Iowa and fostering and eventually adopting Abigail, Andrew, & Matthew).  Our intentions were just to help some children that were in process of going back home. 
 Along the way we grew to love these 3 beautiful children, but we also loved and cared for their birth family.  That is when it gets hard.  You want to see the birth family succeed!  You want what is best for them! 
 Oh then it gets complicated emotionally and again there are no words in the English language that can describe it. 
 Oh, but our Heavenly Father knew.....and HE LOVED us all.  In the middle of everything HE created the love in our hearts and Blessed us through brokeness......  He gave us more compassion than I thought I could have. 
 Somehow God works it out in a way that helps heal.......that creates love.......even in the depths of despair for the birth family, and the broken hearts of the children. 
 To create a family.  A family that includes 2 separate families that are joined forever in the act of adoption. 
 Oh and that BEAUTIFUL! 
 I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!  I couldn't imagine my life without these 3 beautiful babes!!!!! 
 This handsome man who is strong and courageous! 
 This beautiful joyful and compassionate young lady. 
 This crazy nut who has songs bursting out all day long and loves well.
 As you can imagine when there are 3 children with an adoption day all at the same time.....
 That creates a lot of batters ;)
 Fortunately I have plenty of children who are willing to oblige in helping lick it all up ;). 
 Lego movie legos and Crazy Loom
 Tangled & Friends legos...... 
 Line up:  Joshua- cheesecake, Sarah- blueberry cobbler, and Elizabeth strawberry cake with strawberry jam in the layers :)  YUMMY!!!!!  For our family it doesn't take long to polish this all off so no worries there. 
 I love that these 3 precious miracles are in our family.  That we were chosen to be their family.   
That we get to experience the crazy, the good, the hard, the smiles, the tears....and everything in between.  
 I have a love that God formed in my heart in the shape of my children.  That is the best way I can explain it.  Along with that comes a compassion and love for the extended family we have because of them.  It is an amazing journey that God has for our life.  So Blessed that we said YES! 
YES to GOD!  YES to foster care!  YES to adoption!  YES GOD YES!!!!

May we never grow tired of saying YES to whatever God has for us :).

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