Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to Lyndell, Benji, and your whole family!

 So here is a family I have cried and prayed for.....a family who felt God asking them to add to their family.  They were open to pretty much any child and had 6 sweethearts at home already.  So where was their new child? 
 Here is this family's story:

We have always felt God calling us to adopt - even as a child. After being married for 4 years, we began the process :) We adopted our first 5 kids within 22 months. We felt God really wanted us to go again and we did. At six children, we agreed we were done.

But God does wonderful things when we call the shots!

He changed my heart first, but I stayed quiet. I wanted my husband to feel it, too. And he did :) We signed up with our licensing agency to foster to adopt, planning on getting a state waiver since we were at our state-allotted max. But we waited an entire year without a single referral.  
 Somehow I happened upon Dawn Wright's blog and then she became an adoption consultant. I was emailing all sorts of questions about larger families adopting. We were so encouraged and supported, knowing God put our web paths together ;) We signed on with them Dec 2012. And we continued waiting.  There were so many times within these months of waiting that we had referrals, saying yes over and over again. And hearing no over and over again. It was tough; we considered international and infant again but just never felt God saying "Go ahead".
We learned of a little girl in WV, disrupted adoption, age 7. But her adoptive mom did not pick us. But God had other plans - and the other family backed out. And just this Tuesday, about a month later, we got THE CALL. Now we have our daughter. We are completely head over heels in love with her and so are her brothers and sisters! This is HIS story, not our story - He orchestrated ALL these events and we can see God's hand all over this placement. She is no longer just a child in a home, she is OUR daughter!

Lyndell and Benji THANK YOU for letting me be a part of God's story for your family!!  It has felt like a long road at times, and yet GOD!  God alone held the timing in His Hands! 

For those of you reading this and thinking- I thought domestic adoption was only infants?
Here in the United States there are many older children or children with physical needs that need homes every day.  Not just through the foster care system either- surprised?  It's true! 
Want to know more about adoption of older children or children with physical needs through Christian Adoption Consultants?  Please call 813-360-7368 or email today!  I am more than happy to answer your questions! 

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