Monday, March 17, 2014

Growing Deeper......

 This last week we went strawberry picking!!! 
 Who could resist....
 This sweet little fruit.....
 Oh and the strawberries are great too!  ;)
 We had a blast!  We went to Strawberry Passion Organic Farm- in Thonotosassa, FL 
 We didn't realize it, but the family who owns the farm goes to our church!  YEA!!
 And they were so sweet - Amanda Young who has helped with Joanna before in the children's nursery was there.  She was so inspiring showing our children the best way to pack the strawberries and sort out the better strawberries from the not a good ones. 
 It was so fun! 
 I can't believe we have lived here 3 years- a few miles from Strawberry fields galore and we haven't been strawberry picking.  EVERY YEAR from now on!!! 
 It just isn't the same getting them at the store ;). 
 Of course most stores around here carry our local strawberries.  There is even a Strawberry Festival- which we still haven't been to, but maybe next year! 
 We are very blessed with a choice of great veggie, fruit, local produce stands! 
 The kids all had a line going on rinsing, scooping off the tops and making......jam
 Smoothies for everyone, and we saved several for just eating....on french toast, pancakes, ice cream, and much more :).  We picked 32 pounds!!!!  Oh and we got some of the onions that are sooo sweet that grow around the strawberry fields. 
 We have been trying to get more settled are a few bedroom pics! 
 We got the tv put in and up and ready so we could relax in our room as well. 
 We had a friend of a friend come help with Joshua's dreads.  They are looking pretty good. 
 Enjoyed a picnic time in our yard!  Love our yard!!!! 
 I got back to making my home made baby wipes again :).  Another sign on settling in and actually getting around to doing this again. 
 Snuggles with my little man! 
 Oh and tried something new with Abigail's hair. 
 Looks very cute!  My grown up young lady! 
Think our kiddos needed some sensory input!  So they created this!!!  :)

Below......well.....that would be what happened in our master bathroom today when the heavy rains came..... :(  NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGH!!!!!!!  We haven't even started putting in the septic system which hopefully will be going in this week.  Now we have rain inside our bathroom.  Please pray......we are refusing to allow this to take away our joy, but it is NOT easy.  
These pics are of some very important people I got to meet earlier this week!!!!!  That wonderful lady in the middle next to me.  That is Tracie Loux who was our Christian Adoption Consultant when we used CAC for our 2 latest adoptions.  So thanks to her we brought home Joanna (almost 4 years ago), and Michael over 2 years ago!!!!  LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh yea....and because of Tracie and our connection to her we started working for Christian Adoption Consultants!!!!  She connected us to our bosses Malcolm and Amy Young the founders of Christian Adoption Consultants (the people we met about a week or so ago).  So we started working with Christian Adoption Consultants!!!  One of the best decisions ever!!!!!  LOVE OUR JOB!!!!!  SO BLESSED!!!!!

And the other lady on the other side- that is Stacia!  She is a Consultant Advocate for CAC :) and I am thrilled that we only live about a half hour from each other.  It is great having so much adoption support in our area!!!

Growing Deeper......
Last night as I was hanging out at the local restaurant with some foster and adoptive moms I was thinking of our crazy lives, our stories, our children's stories, and how that has impacted our lives.  Because it isn't just about those stories.  It isn't just about hurts, healing hurts, the pure joy, the moments that are engrained in your brain forever, the huge triumphs, and the crazy rides. 

It is about Growing Deeper.  Deeper in your prayer lives.  Deeper in your intercessions for others and their families.  Growing Deeper in our walk with the Lord and the immense trust we place in His Almighty Hands.  Oh and remember that our lives and our children's lives are in HIS HANDS and YES HE IS ALMIGHTY! 

That can be tough.  It is a lesson learned not all at once, but as we go and as we grow.  We keep remembering and learning.  We keep growing deeper and deeper in love with a Savior who created the world, who created birth families, who created our family, and the ONE who places us in parallel universes.  There are just times when that smacks you in the face and you realize HOW AMAZING THAT IS!!!! 

Whether you have adopted or not, have a child or not, whatever your circumstances......Lay it at HIS FEET.  Let HIM GROW YOU!  Let HIM WORK IN YOU!  There is nothing like it.  It is hard.  It hurts sometimes.  It is pure joy.  It is crazy.  It is.......EVERYTHING! 


  1. It is amazing...but I'm tired...but thank God, His grace is sufficient....

  2. Tell us more, about home made baby wipes! (Grammy) Karen

    1. Cut Bounty roll in half (has to be Bounty or really good quality paper towels). I use the HUGE rolls- from Sam's Club- so I use 3cups water, 3 tablespoons of baby oil, and 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and a squirt or more of any baby soap.

      If you have the smaller rolls- you can usually use just 2 cups water and 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and baby soap.

      You get a container that is wide enough for your roll- cut an X in the lid. You can "duct tape" before cutting to eliminate the lid cracking if you want. Depends on the container. Mine was a rubbermaid so I knew it wouldn't crack.

      Works great! Very cheap!!