Saturday, February 1, 2014

3 weeks flies by too quickly!!!

 We had only been in our home 10 days when Jason's parents were flying in for a 3 week visit!! 
 Look at these excited faces!!! 
 On our way in the transit bus because of course we have an "over sized vehicle" that can't park in the regular car lot ;). 
 Busy checking flight status! 
 OK mum and dad we are all ready!!!!!! 
 And there you are- at long last!!!  2 years is such a long time!!!!!! 
 HA!  The massive candy stash!!!!  OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And yes my husband had emailed a long detailed list of the goodies he wanted ;).  
 Then after my parents in love being here less than 48 hours......we were on our way to pick up this sweetheart!  This is one of the huge perks to working for an adoption agency.  Once in a while there is a sweetie that needs a family for a few days while their forever family is flying through paperwork and making those flight plans. 
 Ummm.....I can't even begin to post the million pictures here of this precious little one!!!
(Save those for her family to share). 
 Look we discovered that Michael likes doing his own physical therapy.  He is working his core as he bounces on his knees!!  GOOO MICHAEL!!!!!! 
 Dad and Jason (as stated in the last post) worked hard on many storage solutions for our home!!  WAHOOO!!!!  Seriously when you are as OCD as we are this brought an audible relief- not joking! 
 My father in love celebrated his birthday as well!  Happy Birthday!!!! 
 My mother in love had a few "hang ups" - yes people the jokes don't get better....sorry ;). 
 This is what we did the entire week- stare, look, adore, repeat!!!! 
 Oh and we went out to eat! 
 Awww......daddy and Michael are cute! 
 Mum and Dad- LOVE YOU!!!!  Already missing you both so much!!!! 
And yes the littlest princess was with us then too.

So I have a ton of Disney pictures too as we went to Epcot and Magic Kingdom while my parents in love were here!

So let's see- 3 months:
Leaving our home, keeping it show ready, 24 viewings in 14 days- SOLD!  Praise God!!
Then the house we thought we wanted- issues with the sellers :( sad days and yes I cried in Sam's Club!!!
Looking at last minute homes praying for a solution!
PRAISE GOD WE FOUND ONE!!  AND they came down A LOT in their price!!
It is ready to move in immediately, is in an awesome location- close to therapy for Michael and church too!  3 acres, one level, open concept, fenced in, off the main roads, huge circular drive for endless hours of scootering and basketball, horses and cows down the lane that our kids visit daily, many trees for shade and climbing fun!!  THANK YOU LORD!
Then began the moving today, oh never mind just joking, maybe tomorrow, oh never mind just joking, then....after 2 and a bit weeks of that- we moved the day before New Years Eve!!  AGAIN- HALLELUJAH!!!  In the mean time we set up a few manger scenes, gave the kid videos for Christmas because theirs were packed away.  Did I mention we were without internet for over 2 weeks while we were waiting to move and after we moved in - because you know we were supposed to move?
We did put up the tree for 2 days with lights.....that's as good as it got.
Then commence MOVE IN.  Oh wait- our sewage backed up- perfect!  Thank you Katie and Josiah Winter who came to our aid!!!!  Then electrical problems enter in some friends to give us the run down of the problems.  Unpack, unpack, unpack.....driving me crazy because we don't have enough storage.  Hey, at least I got the toy/homeschool room done!
Then my parents in love came- YEA!!!!!!  Had a blast talking, doing storage projects, going to eat, enjoying time with the Murphy family, eating some Quality Street goodies.
Playing with baby girl, helping birth family, helping adoptive family, staring at those precious eyes for hours!!!
Doing profiles, paperwork, and phone calls with our Christian Adoption Consultants families- lots of them!
Going to Magic Kingdom!  Doing more projects, doing work, having fun conversations, shopping fun with grandma and grandpa.
Going to Epcot!  Doing some last minute shopping......hanging out a few last nights......
Then........they are gone :( took them back to the airport Thursday night............

Now......what?  Whew!!  Collapsing is what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)
We come to that time when our life will "get back to normal" or at least seem to.
Of course- Sunday we are promoting an upcoming foster care class happening locally!!!
And well, next Thursday I leave bright and early with some of my friends to go  to.............. CREATED FOR CARE!!!!!!  Can I get a Whoop Whoop??  OK so who else will be there???  Can't wait to hug lots of necks and talk about the millions of wonderful foster and adoption stories!!!  :) 

Well, no one can accuse us of having a boring life ;).  


  1. Time to find a new normal and a little sanity.

    1. HA! Yea.......not going to happen yet..... :( CRAZY DAYS!!! But will keep trying!!!