Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting Settled

 So last week I/we all were really struggling!  It was a week that I had expectations for and I wanted it all to go well.  It didn't...... as in it bombed!  :/
 This week however has its challenges, but at least I feel like we are making progress! 
 Have I taken time to marvel about Michael recently?  Cause there will be a post soon- for his birthday that is going to blow all our minds!  He totally is amazing!!! 
This is him standing with very little assistance!  Wahooo!!!!!!! 
 So we do have some good news!!!  Last week we were told that we would have to pay approximately $3,000 for repairs on our home because the people who sold it to us.....didn't really do the things they were supposed to before we bought it.  :(  SAD!! 
 WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Jason emailed the realtor and our realtor and explained the issues and that clearly it was not ok for them to think we should just pick up the tab........AND THEY ARE!!!  Well, we are paying about 1/6th of it, but we will take that!  WHEW!!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!
 Missing mum and dad so much!!!  It was great for them to be here for a few weeks and getting to play at a couple of Disney parks with us! 
 Almost feels like home - right mum and dad??? 
 Wish we were going there soon!  That will be something we have to save a while for ;)....and figure out some logistics. 
 Laser & fireworks show at Epcot!!!!
 OK so one of my very smart friends knew the shape of this- I mean the technical term.  I just call it the big golf ball ;).  So who is reading that knows?? 
 This was the monkey that mum and dad brought with them for fun......enjoy!  Yep, feel free to laugh!!!
Hard to believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since we said goodbye .......  :( 

There will be some important posts this week - one is a good surprise and the other will be about CREATED FOR CARE RETREAT that I got to go to!!!!  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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