Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Storage Galore!!!

Soooo.... I am still trying to climb out from under the rock of unpacking!!


  This is something that has taken so much of our time and energy.

Thankfully Jason's dad has been helping us!!!  Let's see we put storage our bedroom closet, girls' closet, boys' closet, laundry room, and you already saw our toy/homeschool room!
Medicine cabinet in our bathroom and mum put together some outdoor storage for us.

And of course we have been taking a break to do fires in the fireplace since Florida is having a cold snap.  I mean it has even gotten down to freezing ;).  

This was a huge project as our pantry had flimsy wire shelving.  Now we have beautiful wooden shelving :) in an L shape to hold so much more!
The cat has found a new hang out as well.
We went out with mum and dad to look and dream at an RV sales place.  Free entertainment and fun!
We had friends over for some fun!
 Loved using our 3 acres to play!
 All us British adults had fun too!!
 We drank English tea and strawberry Ribena along with some English goodies :) Yummy!!  

I think Michael is complaining or telling daddy he is silly ;).  
We also had a sweet visitor for 6 days through Cradle Care for Mother Goose Adoptions!  I did some work with her birth family and adoptive family as well.  She was very tiny and beautiful and is now with her forever family!  We are thrilled for them!!!!
We are now on our way to getting our Suburban fixed and on to a developmental and behavioral pediatrician's appointment for Michael to learn more about him.  This is one appointment of a series that will help us determine goals and what we can do to help him even more :). 

Whew!  Well all this organizing has seriously made me happy ;).  I am a complete mess when things are out of order- so think the last 2+ months...yea feels good to be getting things settled!  

(I did this post on my phone with the Blogger app, but it did all kinds of weird things??  So hopefully I fixed those now?)

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