Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow...

 So I am feeling a little annoyed.  Not something I can't get over, but just you know.....wanting things to finally get back to resembling something....normal (for us).  I wanted today to feel that way- as in DESPERATELY!  As in..... my OCD personality wanted it in a way I can't really describe unless you are a crazy order, list, schedule mom like me??
 Before we moved we had some tough times. 
 Days when life felt - TOO MUCH!
 It stunk. 
 We went a little crazy.
 Wanting to pull out all our hair! 
 So instead.......
 We doled out wigs for fun! 
 Oh yea!  I mean if you are feeling down there is nothing better than grabbing some silly wigs (that we bought for a couple dollars each after halloween) and saying- just pose baby! 
 Rock what you got! 
 Be a princess! 
 Just play! 
 We wanted in that moment to relieve some stress!!!
 So today I needed to remind myself of those moments!!!  WHY??? 

Because this morning was hard!!!  When your children hurt- you do too!  You want their world to fix itself and sometimes it can't!  You can't!  No matter how hard you try!  It just doesn't work.  All you can do is pray, try, pray, try, pray, try again and again.  Begging God to help you help them heal and grow through trials. 
 Then to top it off after a hard morning......then we got the news that the electric panel in our home isn't up to federal code (new law).  PERFECT!  Our insurance said- replace it- NOW as in within the next couple of weeks!  Sure- we have tons of money hanging around doing nothing.  :( 
 Whoa dude.....
 So, anyway, we now have less money because we have this nice bill.  Oh and in addition we will at some point this year have another bill which isn't cheap to fix the rest of the electric issues! 

Yes we have a homeowner's insurance, but like all insurances they only pay a small portion of the issues, and escape paying most things anyway.  :( 
 So on days like today where it seemed like I wanted to pull out all of my hair again-----
 I pulled up these pics to help me remember- hair today- gone tomorrow! 
 Most important is our family! 
These crazies won't be around forever!!!  They won't always be around to wear silly wigs with us.  To laugh with us.  To remind us why we exist. 
 Thankful for my man who reminds me daily that HE ROCKS!!!!  And is with me through thick and thin!!!!  Making me laugh as he is a total ham!  :) 
 This little man won't always be so little!! 
 So taking deep breaths and remembering.......God is in control today. 
Remembering that I have many praying for our family who love us deeply. 

Remembering even though the plumbers come next week to give us more great news, that for now.....

We remember Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.......  ;)

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