Saturday, November 9, 2013

Jennifer and Micah's Adoption Story

Our journey to Christian Adoption Consultants and Dawn and Jason Wright began serendipitously. We host a college-aged Bible study group in our home, and a young woman began coming who had served as a camp counselor under the Wrights.
When Lea learned that we were interested in adoption, she connected me to Dawn on Facebook. This was before Dawn was a Christian Adoption Consultant, but she readily provided helpful advice, asking us questions that helped us discern what direction we needed to go at that time.

Shortly thereafter, we began our home study and connected with a big adoption agency, but that agency turned out not so good a fit for our family. They are a great agency, but their domestic
program had more than enough adoptive families in the regions where they had birth mother
ministries—a good problem! and we wanted to connect where there was need.
We contemplated shifting to international adoption—so much of that seemed right, but our path had consistently pointed us to domestic adoption, so we decided to simply complete our home study and then figure out what to do next.
Our home study social worker connected us to a couple of well-known adoption attorneys in our
state, one of whom worked closely with a small adoption agency. She also suggested that we
check out Christian Adoption Consultants and specifically recommended their new consultant
Dawn Wright. She did not know that we already knew of her. But we decided to wait, and after two months of just sitting tight, we decided to connect with Christian Adoption Consultants.

We chose Christian Adoption Consultants for two main reasons: we wanted our family profile done well to communicate who we really are in a way that birth parents care about, and we wanted to spread our net wide to adoption agencies that were already vetted (especially in terms of financial policies and birth parent services) by folks we felt we could trust. And we got exactly what we bargained for in those areas.
Our family profile looks exactly like what we would have wanted to make for ourselves, and it was composed over the Christmas holidays it was done well and speedily. All of our exposure to Christian Adoption Consultants- affiliated adoption agencies was superb: we loved connecting with so many individuals who care for every piece of the adoption journey.
We were specifically interested in minority adoption, and the expertise and experience that Christian Adoption Consultants have in that area was invaluable to us. Dawn and Jason Wright were easy picks for us because we had mutual acquaintances who raved about them, and they parent a multi-ethnic adoptive family that has come together through international and domestic adoption. With two children who came to them through Christian Adoption Consultants. We figured that we could benefit from their personal experience, and we certainly did.

Dawn and Jason prayed for us, advised us on situations that raised questions for us, and walked us through our match with ease, calm, prayerfulness, encouragement, and excitement. I felt like I was Dawn’s only care in the world . . . which, of course, I wasn’t! Her own family and her other adoptive families surely required her energy and attention too, but she was always there for us when we needed her. And we seemed to need a lot! We felt completely free to ask any question that we had, knowing that Dawn would give us wise, God-centered counsel.
We are so grateful for the information that Christian Adoption Consultants provided us as well as the personal help that Dawn gave us on an almost daily basis as we awaited our match.
We ended up adopting through an agency that isn’t affiliated with Christian Adoption Consultants—a situation came up with an agency in our state, and we are still in awe at the whirlwind of events that resulted in our new son joining our family. Dawn was with us every step of the way, and we loved every aspect of our
experience with Christian Adoption Consultants. We’re ready (nearly) to do it again!


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