Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy 3rd Adoption Day Joanna!!! (Last Friday)

Happy 3rd Adoption Day Joanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 3 years ago we got to adopt Joanna when she was 6 months old :).  She was our cute ball of baby chub with a smile that stole our hearts. 
 She has a lot of "cheek", and has an amazing crazy fun personality :). 
 She loves princesses.....
 LIP GLOSS (as in if you want to be her friend- give her lip gloss and it will seal the deal ;).....
 She got her first lego set! 
 She loves her bedtime snuggle stories! 
 Fairyland fun :) 
 and dressing up! 
 Our Joanna is truly one of a kind.  The only toddler I know that loves meat and onions :).  She loves her snuggle time with mommy and daddy and does not like it if we ever leave the house without her.  She definitely likes pink.  She likes to listen to our favorites on You Tube when I do her hair (hey it keeps her distracted).  She is amazingly crazy fun all at the same time and then some. 
 As you can see----- our parties get out of control ;)
 I mean we totally know how to live it up! 
 And miss diva here is totally a nut! 
 Her cute cupcakes! 
 Cutie pie....
And then there is this??  Oh yea....I know I am sooo fashionable!!!  ;)

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