Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy 14th Birthday Abigail!! & Updates on our life......

 I want to wish my sweet, amazing, young lady a HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  Her birthday was on Friday, but well....life has been extremely crazy around here! 
 There are a few marked birthdays as in on your 13th birthday you can choose to get your ears pierced, and we decided that on your 14th you can choose to start wearing some basic make up.  Important to note- that of course this is NOT where your beauty comes from :). 
 he he he he......and of course this is daddy noting all the crazy names of the nail polish set.  Oh dear daddy. 
 My beautiful daughter I love you more than words can describe.  Your heart is tender and loving.  You bring a smile with a style all your own.  You definitely give our family something to smile about! 
 You put up with our crazy family and go with the flow even when our worlds get turned upside down!  I am THANKFUL DAILY for you, for your maturity in the Lord.  For your beautiful smile.  For your heart that touches mine and makes me a better person. 

Abigail also got the book "Fields of Grace".  I am going to be honest....I want to read it too, but I guess since it is her birthday I will wait until after she is done with it ;). 

 My baby girl has great taste!  Cheesecake with real cream and butterfinger topping!  YUMMY!!!!!
 Happy Birthday Abigail!!!!!!  May God continue to bless you and help you to grow in HIM!  That is where your real beauty comes from!!! 

 Sooo......what have we been up to lately?  Well......it includes painting, mudding, sanding, changing out light fixtures, cleaning, more cleaning, more cleaning, and well more cleaning!!!!!  In the last week we have had 14 showings of our home.  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we are thankful that most of those came in sets of 2-3 so we could be gone for the afternoon to the park and clean the house once for a few showings.  However, this gets old- real fast!!! 

Continue praying as we have an offer on the table, but not sure if this is the one or not.  We are praying and believing for God to guide us and give us strength!!!
 So I have had people ask me to write a post about moving with a large family.  Hmmm....I will have to think on that.  Right now, my brain feels like.....well feels like my hubby's picture up above!!!!  NO JOKE!  We have had to use plastics and paper plates- oh yea because we have had the toilet upstairs, the sink up stairs both give us grief as well as our dishwasher that is just over a year old.  OF COURSE because we are trying to move!!! 

Now the upstairs bathroom was an easy fix and we are working with the dishwasher people because we believe our dishwasher to be a lemon.  Ahhh......we just have nothing better to do right? 

Have I mentioned that we have cleaned the house from top to bottom way more times than our whole 2 years here in the last week?  ;)  So tips......DE CLUTTER OFTEN!!!!!  That has helped.  The first thing I did was to start packing - over 30 boxes of stuff that we didn't need immediately.  I could probably have packed at least 30 more, but because of all the cleaning and projects we haven't had time.  Oh the JOY!

OK so there you have it....our crazy fun lives.  So if you aren't on FB.....or aren't friends with me on FB- Cute Joanna quote today as I was getting her dressed. I decided to put her underwear on her head and said I know this is where your underwear goes. Her reply, "Our family is very silly". There you have it- it must be true!

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