Friday, October 18, 2013

And we are......Moving on........

 Sweet random pictures today!  :)  I love this one of Jason with Michael.......seriously I can't describe to you the blessing of children!!!

 Ummmm.....why yes those are stickers on my child's eyelids from bananas I think- don't all children do this?  ;) 
 OK hair- just new style I tried, and liked.  I ended up pulling the back down a little, but it looked cute! 
 Smile :)
This was our day out last week with the Murphy family at Busch Gardens of course!  Unfortunately Andrew decided to run down the exit of the play area.  Ran so fast as to miss the "cushioned area" and landed square on his shoulder......on cement!  OUCH is right!  Thankfully he wasn't injured too badly!!!  Whew!!!  Boys.

And we are.....Moving on......  this is mainly a prayer request!  We are once again moving.  WAIT!  Don't panic, we are just moving within our area ;).  We are looking for a 1 level home!  As Michael learns new skills, and has been test driving his walker.  His wheelchair comes next week!  We want to give him every opportunity to move about our home freely.  That is really hard to do in our home now because it is a tri-level. 

So we are looking and specifically wanting more "land" as well because let's face it 9 children take up space outside!  Ahhhh.......and we love our church and Michael's therapists and want to stay close to them!  Nothing like a long list of wants in a home right? 

Well that is where God is the Ultimate Designer!  More on that to come, but let's just say He has blessed us again and again.  We have been preapproved for a little while, but God found us people to help us in this endeavor.  I love it!  More on come later.  Hey, I never said I was a nice person ;).  You will just have to come back later and find out the rest of the story! 

***OH and another client has matched with their son!  He was born a couple of days ago- so be waiting for more fun baby pictures!!!!  :)  LOVE LOVE LOVE what we do!!!


  1. We LOVED our realtor if you need any suggestions. She also helped Karen/Ron Campbell before :)

  2. Thank you Melissa! We have realtors which is part of the God Story! They are from our church and wonderful!!

    **Our last experience was horrible with the realtor :(.

  3. Hope you find the PERFECT home!!! :)

  4. Saying prayers for your move! When it's God's plan things just seem to fall into place! Can't wait to hear more of the story!