Sunday, August 19, 2012

What does your inner circle whisper in your ear?

 OK Today's pictures provided by entertainment from a trip to Universal!!!!  YEA- THE NEW DESPICABLE ME RIDE WAS OPEN - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!  And YES we ALL rode this- even the twins :) and it was sooo fun!!!!!  Nothing better than a ride about remembering their Adoption Day!!!!  OH YEA- that is what I am talking about!!!  How awesome!!!!!!!!  :)
 So today in church the pastor did a sermon on Who is in your inner circle? 

Have you ever thought of that before?  I don't know if I have specifically.  The point is that those in your inner circle play a BIG ROLE in WHO you are.  Not that they define you specifically- you still have a choice, but really what they "whisper into your ears and heart" really do define who you are. 
 Take for example a few incidents.  When the spies were sent in to check out the Promised Land there were 12 men who went.  Now for some reason they were picked.  In that circle of people there were only 2 that actually believed what God had said.  They were the only ones who said- God said it was ours already all we have to do is believe that.  The other 10 said we don't believe God.  I mean I know He said it was ours, but have you seen the giants? 
 In essence they were saying "I don't know God. Are you sure you can do this?"  or "Has anyone done this before? Are you sure we can?".  They were in definition skeptics.  Men who just couldn't quite get the fact that God is really GOD!!!

Listen to today's Declaration (something we say together):  I am filled with seeds of greatness because I possess the seeds of Christ.  God is connecting me with people of faith who will inspire me, challenge me and help me to grow.  If  there are any unhealthy relationships in my life, I refuse to let them pull me down any longer.  I am moving forward with those who believe the promises of God and are determined to realize them. 

WOW!!!!  Did you just read that aloud to yourself and think ummm......AMEN!  Because I did!  It was as if this message was all about what we have been going through.  If you are a facebook friend you know that I have been posting some things about tough stuff this week. 
 Our tough stuff has to do with what we thought was a mutual Christian friendships.  I am not saying these people still aren't Christians- I am NOT God (whew....glad we all know that).  What I am saying is that it was supposed to be a Christ filled relationship.  We totally trusted these people so much that personal information was shared with them.  That is typically what happens in a friendship. 
 That is how you know you are a friend when the person feels they can share anything!  I have a few people in my life that I do this with.  Only a couple of them live near me- the rest of you live a ways away, but I feel that you are so trustworthy I can contact you at any time and you will lift me up in prayers, pray with me over the phone, or just help me get the junk off my chest. 
 Those people that we shared with however used that information against us.  Speaking negativity into our lives.  It was AWFUL!!!  Worse than AWFUL!!!!!  It was devastating, heartbreaking......words that cut deeper than a knife....spoken into us........  The crazy part is that though we were sad because the friendship had been wounded so deeply, but we were not worried about what had taken place. 
 As in we knew that this severing was meant to be.  This message today made it clear!  Those in your inner circle NEED TO BE ON YOUR SIDE!!!  That is not to say we shouldn't speak hard things to friends who need to hear them, but when we do it has to be in a way of cheering them on and from a total Biblical perspective. 
 I would like to brag on my hubby just because I think he is so very wise!  He sought counsel with 2 different pastors over the situation because he wanted to make sure that he was not in the wrong in the way he handled things.  I am NOT talking about gossip people, but asking for prayer and thoughtfulness over a situation that is hard. 
 They both said the same exact thing.  Allowing his heart to be settled and allowed him really to handle the situation with the utmost confidence.  He made a plan before speaking with them. ended in a break in the relationships.  I am not saying they will not one day be restored because people WE SERVE A MIGHTY GOD!!  I pray they will.  We DO NOT HATE THEM.  We just can't have them whisper in our ears can't change, you are in the wrong, I can't believe you anymore, you are crazy, you won't succeed, and on and on.
 The other main scripture was taken from Mark 5:35-43.  This is the story of Jairus' daughter.  Now Jairus was a synagogue leader.  People came after him as he was going to visit Jesus to ask for healing for his daughter.  They said - don't bother the teacher now, she is dead.  Upon hearing this Jesus said to Jairus Don't be afraid.  Just have faith.  (powerful words don't you think.)  When Jesus went to his house he only took 3 disciples.  His inner circle, and the parents.  When Jesus arrives the people are already mourning.  He said why do you mourn she is just asleep.  Their response- laughter. 

WOW!  You want to scream- ARE YOU KIDDING YOU JUST LAUGHED AT THE MESSIAH?????  What are you thinking?  If HE said she is just asleep and HE created her- I am pretty sure HE knows.  They didn't see it that way.  So what did Jesus do- He told them TO LEAVE!!!

Get out!  That's right- you are not a part of my inner circle if you can not have faith enough in me! 
 If Jesus was concerned who was in His inner circle we should be too.  If He was saying - you don't believe- then you have to go.....I think we should too.  That is not to say all are not welcome.  That is where it gets tricky.  All are welcome!  All are welcome in our church, in our Bible Studies, but NOT ALL ARE WELCOME in our inner circle IF they are nay saying against us. 
 Have you ever had someone tell you - you will never accomplish that? 

Oh yeah....
 You just go ahead and watch me then!!!!  (perfect picture for this don't you think?)

Those who have the faith when the economy is bad, when your marriage is falling apart, when the loss hurts so much you feel like you are going to die yourself, when your children say and do things that rip your heart out, when your workplace is filled with naysaying and gossip, ...........SHOW THEM THE DOOR!!!!  NO I don't mean don't love them (that is hateful) or don't ever talk to them, just don't let doubters into "your real world". 
 I think that is why some bloggers have a hard time.  I know I do- with negative comments.  We think - what?  We put our hearts out there, and then someone stomps on us!  UGH! 
 God has CLAIMED US FOR HIM!  Mistakes, imperfections, and ALL!  WE ALL SIN PEOPLE- me, you, your spouse, your momma, your neighbor, your friends, everyone.  It is who we really believe in that we will truly speak life into.  Numbers 14:28 "So tell them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Lord, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say:"  

What God hears us speak over a situation matters.  If you have friends or parents or neighbors that speak ill of your family.  People who tell you your hubby is not worthy.  Your children will never change.  Your .........??  Then they need to stop (preferably) or you need to get them out of your inner circle.  We need to keep witnessing- so they still should be if at all possible in a circle of some kind :) AMEN?
We want people who speak LIFE OVER US!  Who believe that JESUS IS REAL AND CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH US AND FOR US!  People who say.....I am so sorry to hear about your trials, but I believe that GOD WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS!  I know it must be rough, can I pray with you?  I know you have slipped into this "sin" and I want to see you set free.  How can I encourage a friend today to help them get out?  How can I say- see those giants living in our land, did you hear about the girl who people said was dead, did you hear about the 10 lepers, did you see that person get up and walk after not walking his whole life, did you see the man whose friends tore a hole in the roof just to get their friend healed by Jesus, or the nation that finally came back to Christ after wandering through the desert?  YEAH THAT IS MY GOD!  HE CONQUERED!!!

People MY GOD still moves mountains today!!!  Besides the millions of stories I have told there are many many I hear about.  I stand AMAZED!  That is why I love reading all of your blogs too ;)

When we STAND WITH our inner circle friends WE BECOME AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE FOR CHRIST!!!  We become His hands and feet. 

Soooo........Who is in your inner circle, and do there need to be some changes?  How can you do that in the best way?  How can we still witness to people, but stand firm too? 

****Just so you know I will be away for a while- whew!  I will return ;).  Praying for you all and knowing that GOD IS AMAZING to give me a family.  So we are taking time to just think about our family!  :)


  1. So true, we have to be so very careful in who we consider acquaintances and who we deem as a confidante. I have learned this the hard way, it's especially painful when you are walking a more narrow path. I have learned to be very careful. There is a really good book I read last year with my oldest daughter titled Boundaries by Henry cloud and John Townsend. Very very good reading for all of us I believe. Hugs.

  2. AMEN! And AMEN! And AMEN! We're so there right now...we have NO "inner circle", especially in things adoption support(of any kind) from those closest to us..our church...our family...etc...we're DESPERATE for what your talking about! People who "get" us..who will challenge us, but will SUPPORT us as well.. God has sent COMPLETE STRANGERS to fill in the gaps, and I'm SO grateful, but MAN, Oh MAN, do we need people HERE..WITH us, who will be FOR US!! You're right on, and I'm so thankful you are sharing this..PRAYING for you!!:)

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  4. Love this post, Dawn...and I've been praying for you this week!

  5. What a great post! a couple of weeks ago I was reading the Parable of the Sower and some of this reminds me of that. Thanks so much for sharing!