Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Praying Vika HOME!!!!!!! Please READ AND SHARE!!

The following was written by her host family- you can read a lot more about them and her here:

Vika (short for Victoria) is an amazing girl who captures the heart of everyone she meets. She just turned 13 this summer. She has been hosted for 7 weeks in our family and has done amazingly well (she is from Eastern Europe)! She gets along well with our four children (ages 3-15). She is loving and affectionate and loves to give hugs.

She attached well to both my husband and I. She is extremely well behaved and very obedient and helpful. She likes to clear the table after dinner and eager to help with small chores just to feel like part of the family. She always says “thank you” for everything no matter how small – whether it is cooking dinner or washing her clothes.

She is very outgoing and loves to try new things. She loves swimming, listening to music, dancing, crafts, and knitting. She learned to ride a bike this summer and loves that, too. She is particularly interested in learning about Jesus and I would love to see her in a family that would nurture and feed this deep hunger! Her biggest desire is to be adopted and have a Mama and Daddy to love her. Vika has lots of love to give! For more information you can contact Project One Forty Three or .
 You can feel free to contact The Kessler family as well and they can answer some questions that you may have about Vika.  Beth though (the email above this pic) is the one to ask about specifics on adopting Vika. 

PLEASE PRAY!!!!  For Vika to find a forever family!  Those eyes have captured my heart! 

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