Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our little getaway day :)

 Ahhh.......yes.  Marriage is sooo worth fighting for!  This last year has been a doozey with moving (a few times), finally buying a house, getting a job - now changing jobs, taking a pay cut and soon another pay cut, adding another cutie to our family, and the list goes on..........

That is why it is sooo IMPORTANT THAT YOU FIND TIME! 
 What does that mean exactly?  Well at different times it looks differently.  Sometimes it looks like- putting the kids to bed early so you can have a conversation with each other without interruptions- if only for an hour!  Sometimes it looks like a dinner out.  Sometimes it is five minutes hiding in the garage.  Sometimes it is going on a long walk.  Sometimes it is........
 Whatever you have to do to REMEMBER WHO YOU MARRIED AND WHY! 
 It is like this light house here.  It still works (we are on eggmont island a place where you have to own your own boat to get to it or take a ferry that only takes one or two loads of people a day for a limited time).  It works, but if you aren't paying attention you could still run ashore. 
 WATCH OUT!  The devil is sneaky!  He makes us get too busy buying school supplies, painting the  house and doing repairs, outside activities, stuff to be done, bills to be paid, and then before we know it we are dead tired with no energy for our spouse. 

Your spouse IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!  DO NOT TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED!!!  EVER!!!!!  Take it from me......earlier this year we did.....and ummmm.....it didn't work so well for us.  I am guessing it doesn't work for anyone!!! 
Even with 9 kiddos we do get out of the house!  It may be rare....sometimes it is more often.....but we still GET OUT!  Remembering each other.  How we make each other laugh.  How we have passed the test time and time again.  How we really do love each other and we are each others best friend!  Because someday our kiddos may all be gone, but there will always be US! 

There is a very important sign I remember from a camp I used to work at.  It read "the most important thing you can do for your children is love your spouse." 

So just a reminder to all my married friends out there or those thinking about marriage- it is work.  Hard work pays off.  For you and your whole family! 


  1. When we were first married (first married!!!!) we were so busy working at the church: Girls Brigade, Boys' Brigade, Choir, music group, Sunday School, Youth Group, people in our home every night (I mean every night!!) and meetings, oh so many meetings, we were passing each other on the doorstep. NOT GOOD! We hardly had time to speak to one another. It was the worst time, but didn't realise it until it was nearly too late! 40 years on and God is still with us and between us and around us. We have made it and will continue to do so because He loves us so much and we love Him. Is He good or what!! Thank you Dawn for loving our Son and thank you Jason for loving our wonderful daughter in love. God bless you both. xxx

  2. So true. Love it!


  3. you guys are so darn cute! Love the picture of you 2~

  4. Rick and I got three days away at Orlando but those times are few and far between, but now Jessica is old enough to watch everyone if we do have time to get away. Rick often can't get time off of work.

    I'm having a book give away at my other blog.