Friday, August 17, 2012


First off this is urgent!  Why?  Because all too much we have the opinion that if we are Christian we should be "tolerant" and let people walk all over us when we hear them say things unBiblical.  BUT THIS IS A TIME TO RISE UP!  A fellow person has made comments on behalf of Christians and not spoken truth :(  It breaks my heart.  I do not like when people trample on a passion close to my heart- ADOPTION!

If you want to watch the video clip of his interview- GO HERE!!!!
 Russell Moore obviously has some good wisdom in what he writes about it as well!!!

OK- SO TAKE ACTION!!!  Leave a comment!!!!!  PLEASE!!!

ALSO - GO DIRECTLY TO PAT!!!  AMEN!  Call 757-226-2468 (this is not a listed number this is one that my hubby - because he LOVES ORPHANS- called and asked for)!!!!  It is time to rise up and proclaim truth!!!!  It is important to let our voice of Christians from around the world let him know that ADOPTION IS REDEMPTION!!!!!  It is is is is GOD'S HEART!!!!!  NOT a thing to be scared of or weird!

You can also leave online comments as well HERE!!!!!!  Then scroll down to 700 Club and it will let you comment there.  Feel free to leave comments on more than one place!!!!

I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO BOTH- call and leave a comment!!!!!

PLEASE JOIN ME ALSO IN PRAYER!!!!  I feel that we have a right and obligation to STAND FOR THE ORPHANS AND WIDOWS!!!!!!  Let's join together and pray for a coming to scripture because God loves Pat Robertson too!!!  Let's pray for his heart to be turned and for those who heard his message to know that this is not God's heart and it is not the heart of Christians!  AMEN!!!! 

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