Sunday, October 31, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

 James 1:16-18 "Don't be deceived, my dear brothers.  Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.  He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created."
 So yeah- these two pictures of Jonathan at the fun fair we went to while in Florida - describes what it is like to get an extra Blessing.  One you don't deserve...and one you didn't expect.....but God chooses to give it to you anyway!

Sometimes we cringe thinking- I don't need this gift- I can do it on my own.  But when we realize that every good gift is from the Father.  We need to check our pride at the door!  We need to be thankful and respond with graciousness.  To say- Thank You!  To realize that God WANTS to give us good gifts.

I am NOT of the mindset that we all deserve good things and an easy life- THAT IS NOT PROMISED BY GOD!!!  All you have to do to know this is look through scriptures, but He does love to surprise us a lot :)

Well today as we are standing in line at Wally world :) doing the usual.  Getting a few items so we don't have to make another 45 minute drive into town this week......I was concentrating on our kids (as Jason had taken some of the boys to the bathroom).  The cashier said don't sign the slip.  I was confused...and I am sure my expression showed that.  Then she said don't slide your card.  I thought something was wrong with the machine thingy.  I saw a woman behind her talking to her in whispers, but just thought she knew the worker?

Come to find out she wanted to pay our bill and run off without us seeing her.  She was a lady from our church.  I didn't really recognize her at first because like I said I was paying attention to our children- and the fact that Elizabeth just slammed down our eggs in the cart- yikes :)  Since my card had already gone through before she told me not too and I had signed there was no way to cancel it.  The person working went to get the wonderful lady and told her.  She then came over.....and said well give me a gift card- And put the exact amount on it.

What?  I was dumbfounded.  Thank you Lord!  Thank you for allowing her to give, us to receive, and for YOU TO GET THE GLORY!  What a beautiful blessing!!!!!

 Don't you just love this picture of GG with Joanna- me too.  I totally missed this the other day during the post I did about GG.  It is perfect.....great grandma and great granchild meet for the first time.  There are no preconceived notions with babies.....they just love.
 This is my aunt Jane and her newest grand daughter- my cousin's baby girl Jessa.  I mean does it get any better?
Oh yeah- it does.... I mean look at this cutie pie pic.  Yeah I isn't fair on other people's babies.  That's what we say here in our home anyway.  Of course when she is older she will hate me for this pic, but I mean who could resist??? 

****If you haven't read my blog for a bit.....please scroll down to last post- The Loux Family is now having to fly back and forth from Kansas City to St. Louis - parents switching every 5 dayish to be with sweetie Mattie.  Mattie needs prayers....and the Loux Family needs prayers for safe travels- for being apart which is very hard on the family....and money to help them be able to do this for Mattie.  Pray as well for Mattie's continuing fight of the severe staph infection, and other possible health problems.  That God will heal him completely!
You can donate on the paypal button on their blog.  THANKS!


  1. Wow that is incredible! God does find so many ways to bless us! Praying for Mattie and his family!

  2. That is wonderful! What a blessing... I love all your vacation pictures. It looks like it truly was great time!

  3. Love the story from the store. Love those little moments.

  4. Amazing!!! What a blessing!

    The picture of Joanna is too cute. Goodness!

  5. I love the header picture ! So cute, and the baby pic? seriously cuteness ! I love that someone gifted you what a blessing.

  6. Love how your posts are always so full of the goodness of God!! That's what keeps me coming back well, that and all the absolutely, adorable smiling faces! If that Joanna is not THE cutest little girl, I'm tellin' ya! :)
    Praying for the Loux family too.
    Much love and rejoicing with you in God's love today!

  7. What a beautiful family....those smiles says it all. God bless you! I really enjoyed reading your post.

  8. Thanks for the encouraging post. I love how you bring it back to His glory! What an extra special blessing to you. Just love it.

  9. Joanna is getting so big!! She and GG look like best buddies. Jonathan sure did win the prize -- two big suckers wow -- he is adorable. Glad you were blessed at ww.