Sunday, October 24, 2010

If you want to have a laugh

Since we are enjoying our last day here in Florida......I wanted to leave you all with something to make you laugh!  A bloggy friend of mine - the people that made us believe that we could actually do a domestic adoption even though we have a larger family.....thank you forever!

So they have made videos of actual things people have said to them about having so many children, homeschooling, etc.  They are well as some crazy ones about toenails :)  So if you need a little pick me up and make me laugh hop on over to Storing up Treasures today and enjoy a giggle. 

And sometime soon I promise to tell you more about our time with family and other musings of this crazy mommy :)


  1. I watched the one on her site the other day about homeschooling and I laughed my head off! I don't homeschool, but I could relate b/c we all have situations that we feel like we repeat the same answer over and over.....

  2. Oh those are tooo funny -- I have had the exact word for word conversations with strangers. EXACT CONVERSATIONS. I've often thought about printing up a little FAQ sheet to pass out instead of being grilled for 20 min with questions by strangers:
    no we are not a daycare
    no we are not an orphanage
    yes they are all mine (and DH, and GODs)
    yes I know where they came from and how babies are made
    no they don't all have the same father
    yes I love them all as much as my bios
    no a large family is not that difficult to manage
    yes we homeschool it is easier for me and better for them
    no it isnt hard
    yes my grocery bill is high
    no we dont have a crazy noisey house like that movie
    no you dont need to know their names
    no you dont need to know their ages
    no you dont need to know what happened to their real parents
    no you dont need to know their diagnoses my children are not their medical condition
    yes you could adopt also it isn't that hard
    no we are not like the duggers
    no we are not like jon and kate
    we will stop adopting when God tells us to, there are too many children who do not have a family to grow up in and too many people who would never consider adopting
    no we are not rich, we have a tight budget and that is ok -- God provides what we need
    yes I can tell them apart
    Although I do thank TLC and all those large family shows they have been doing the past few years -- we dont feel like we are an oddity

    hope she makes more videos -- the office chat was very shocking but DH has had that one plenty of times.

  3. How funny!
    One of my friends just shared their blog with me recently and I had a good laugh over the comments.

    ps How is it you managed to do a domestic adoption with a large family? We have always been turned down...

  4. How funny! The toenails one CRACK me up