Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Back!!!

Hello Everyone.......it's been a while. I tried to post while away, but due to computer issues...couldn't. Sorry- but here are some pics of our first full day in Florida- Tampa area. We went to see my grandma. Lovingly called GG.

She is a great prayer warrior. I know that she really seeks the Lord. She and my grandfather served most of their married life in the Salvation Army. They did a lot with helping to heal alcoholics and drug users......just giving to anyone who has needs.
When I look at her I think of all of those families that she and my grandfather (who was promoted to Glory not quite 20 years ago) helped- gave out Christmas presents too, gave food to, counseled, how many bells they rang, how many tears they cried with them, how many sermons they preached...........
I think of all of those that have been touched - through her- by Christ!
What a treasure she is to our family. I know right now she struggles a lot with life. I know it can not be easy, but I pray that she knows how much we all truly love her!!!


  1. Awe, so sweet! What great pics of your kids with her. We call my grandmother GG for my kids as well. What an amazing woman she is, thank you for sharing her with us!

  2. glad to see your back with pics...I love grandmas...I want to be the best one ever some day :) kj

  3. She looks like a sweet lady. I'm glad you got to visit her. Family is so important.

    We are staying with my Grandma this weekend while my parents are away. I love watching my kids interact with her. They adore "Great" Grandma.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful lady with us.

    Have a great day!