Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potty Training and more vacation pics for fun....

So here are some pics with all of our children, and 2 of my cousin's children (what does that make them to me or to my children- anyone know??? 3rd cousins??? Just curious). Anyway, in some of the pics below we have up to 14 children in the pool at once. Crazy, but fun!

icy cold refreshment wrapped in plastic! Love it!

Look at all the beautiful children in a row (all but 3). Let's jump in together!!!
OK so the oldest of the crew is giving instructions on this race that is happening.
I get by with a little help from my friends......
So much activity it can make you a little dizzy at times.

Trying to scoot into the pool in a floatie....hmmm....creative.
I just can't get enough of my oldest....she is just so beautiful and caring.....
Cute girls hanging out on the deflated pretzel.
Lunch is served- Poolside.
Aww....daddy love in the pool.....
Jonathan looks just a little too happy with that water gun!
Here's our daddy looking warm, hanging out soaking in the sun.....relaxing.....enjoying.......
Until along came Elizabeth. She just thought he looked to hot, and needed to be cooled.
Well, you know that just looked fun- you know helping daddy cool the whole group got involved.....
That's me and my cousin- talking about ???? but enjoying the day. Have I mentioned I love my cousins, their families, my aunt..... would love to be closer to them.
Classic crazy shot of trying to walk in these huge flippers.....
Oh yeah, cartoon type quality pic.
And don't forget when you are out to get me a pretzel please.....hmmmm......maybe not quite that big!!!!

So Elizabeth is finally potty training....or should I say she is potty trained (not yet at night, but hey who cares about that part right now). With our first child- Abigail....we tried to force her to be potty trained. It never worked. With our other children and after our long crazy time with Abigail....we just decided that when they told us they needed to go- that means they are ready. And if they don't- forget's not worth pulling your hair out for. It has worked. Although not as soon as every parent does work. The best part is if they initiate- there are very very few accidents after the "training" time is done.

So since Elizabeth started our youngest- Jonathan says "potty" and then takes me by the hand to go. Although I would love to believe he is ready....I think it is merely the big hoohaa over Elizabeth that really did it. I think it is just a reflex of he can actually go in the potty- that is what they do at the orphanage- sit them all on potties a few times a day to get them going.

We shall know what happens in a large family if you actually accomplish getting everyone out of diapers don't you.......another child comes along! he he he he which is really true and funny at the same time. In the last 8 years it has actually been pretty rare to only have 1 child in diapers. At most we have had 4 in diapers. So although I would love to feel what it feels like to have no one in the same will be very weird.

Still praying about a situation.........waiting for both Jason & I's hear to be settled one way or another. Thank you for all of you already praying!!! We appreciate it.


  1. Will definitely pray for you! Thanks for all of the great photos - you have such a beautiful family. BTW - I THINK that your cousin's children are 1st-cousins-once-removed to you and 2nd cousins to your children.

  2. Love the pics! So much fun to be had by all! ;o) Praying with you. But the no diaper thing is so nice!

  3. Oh fun times!!! You know kids just do the potty thing but I would so like to rush it!

  4. Looks like a great time at the pool. We're working on potty training our youngest here and it's bittersweet for me to have my baby out of diapers.

  5. whatcha praying about?? Has a new little one come your way?? can't wait to hear?? I'll be praying too, kj

  6. Your (first) cousin's children are your first cousins, once removed (by a generation).
    (Your children are the same relation to your cousin.)
    They are your children's second cousins (both down a generation).
    I learned that from "Dear Abby" and I sure hope it's more accurate than most of her advice!!!
    (love your blog!)

  7. I'm so curious what potty training will be like with the HH toddlers like J. I set Ashi on the potty on a whim last week and he went right away, nothing to it! Then I put the diaper back on and said forget about it. We need to get a little more verbal before I want to cross that bridge! I'll watch how it goes with Jonathan first :)