Friday, August 21, 2009

Beach FUN!!!

Hello blog friends....ok so more pics out for a lot of fun and cuteness happening! Can you find the crab up above????

So here is our day at the beach with family.......
It was a little cloudy- which was great because it wasn't too hot....
Pulling in the rest of the crew by wagon....... Did I mention that there was our family, my cousins family (except my cousin), my other 2 cousins, my aunt.......let's see altogether that is 6 adults, and oh yeah 14 children ages 11 and under! That is some severe cuteness going on!!!!!!!!!!
The "cousins" (like 3rd or 4th??) all digging together....
Aww....what a cutie
Catchin' the waves. Which later put Jonathan to sleep. Most of the crew had gone in for lunch, but my cousin's wife and I were talking about homeschooling, and life in general with a larger family (they have 6 kids). I was holding Jonathan and before I knew it he was sleeping. Too cute!!!
Jonathan really thought he was doing something on the boogie board? Cute. aunt and the littlest guy in the bunch!!!! Love that cupcake.
Jason digging in with the kids......hey big kids love sand too!

The last 2 pics may seem inappropriate, but funny in a weird way- what can I say he's all mine!
What a cute head she has! My cousin's daughter- look at that smile!
Abigail love the new hat!!!!
The kids running toward to ocean...and when it touched them.....ran away screaming!!!
Burying daddy is so much fun...let's all join in.
There....all done

Our day was soooo much fun. We haven't been together with that whole side of the family on an outing for a really long time! It was great! You might could you do it with so many kids, but they are all so well behaved it really was not a problem. We had a great day that has been etched in my memory forever!!!! Not to mention when you looked around you just thought to yourself- look at all these beautiful miracles! Makes you smile and THANK GOD!!!!!!!!


  1. Love the Beach! All day free entertainment!

  2. Looks like fun! Thanks for the congrats and prayers!

  3. Love all the happy smiles! Yes, when they are well behaved it is a joy. People tell us we are too strict but then they comment how obedient our children are--funny how that works, haha! Biblical discipline and the love of Christ go hand-in-hand :-) Thanks again for all your sweet encouragement.

  4. What beautiful pictures! I love it!!! Looks like a priceless time for you all. Beautiful miracles indeed!

  5. Wow! What an awesome vacation! I can't wait to take my kids to the beach. They have never been.

    I love the sand burying pictures. They are too cute!

  6. Great pictures! I LOVE big happy families! :)

    As for burying in the sand, I am clausterphobic... I can hardly look at them ;). But hey, they were smiling... and I would have been screaming in terror! LOL

  7. okay- I would have given my last (sand)dollar to sit next to your beautiful crew at the beach!!! :0) ADORE your family! Love, Amy

  8. What a beautiful family! Your aunt is the cutest one!! :)