Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tips for theme parks - Busch Gardens, FL

So I am going to write up some family tips for theme park family fun!
1) Do what you are most excited to do- FIRST! If you wait and you really wanted to do it.....the lines get longer as the day goes on, then animals aren't usually as interactive as well.
2) Get there when the park opens. I know I is a pain, but it is less crowded! And if your munchkins are like ours they cope much better first thing in the morning than later in the day.
3) Take a few snacks in a bag/purse. If you have kids they are usually not worried about granola bars, twizzlers, gummy bears, raisins.....and they are a great way to keep the kids happy throughout the day without spending a fortune!
4) Eat Breakfast- a good one!!!!
5) If at all possible eat dinner late enough that you are ready to go home, and can go away from the park area to eat- way cheaper.
6) Get the plastic souvenir drink bottles- especially if you are going more than one day. You can refill as many times as needed! And the refill price is much much better. We share a few between our big family. Also, ask for ice in a separate cup. Fountain drinks come out cold anyway, and then you can throw in the ice after a few gulps - I know this is America, but why pay for half a cup of ice right???
7) Did you know you can get free water refills in your plastic cups at any concessions stand or restaurant? It is a BLESSING!!!!!!!! So that way for us we get a sugar drink at lunch, and the rest of they day get loads of water refills. Even if you don't have a souvenir cup they are obliged to give you tap water for free.
8) Bring water shoes for when your kids want to get wet. Hey, cooled off kids are happier kids!
9) If possible look at the park map ahead of time- to see what you want to do most. We let our kids pick their favorite. Makes everyone happy.
10) Share meals. We do this whenever we eat out anyway....otherwise we could NEVER eat out. When you have snacks anyway in the bag- you can always bulk it well as have a treat later- to split.
11) Measure your kids ahead of time- so they aren't disappointed when they get there that they can't ride- or at least you are all prepared anyway.
12) If you are crazy like me you dress your kids in matching shirts- and if possible match yourself too. Easier to keep track. I know some think it is too crazy, but we like it. Our kids love wearing matching shirts!!!

Love those rides that splash water so everyone can cool off! Check out the video below:

Sheikra- vertical drop- 2 times! Abigail our oldest the only child that is tall enough to ride, but she gets to ride with daddy and with mommy- a bit spoiled I would say!
Scorpion- the only ride that goes upside down and our younger kids can ride- height restriction isn't too bad.
The fun jeep tour- not the one you pay for (too much for our size of family).
Rhino Rally is the name of the "jeep tour" ride thing. Pretty fun and you get to see a lot of animals.
Look at that cheeky face- totally the one we saw in the referral pics except he is growing!!!!
What a lovely bunch of kids- who do they belong to- oh yeah this Blessed MOM!
Montuuuuuuuu.................very fun and smooth!
Don't have to tell this girl twice to smile :)
Elizabeth- cutie pie!
Don't know where Matthew is looking, but Jonathan is happy to be here.
Oh yeah, that is my crew- the only ones on the train. Matthew believes he is really running the train ride- too cute!!!!
Joshua & Jonathan- flying around.
Matthew and Sarah....hello
OK so this was Jonathan's first ride without me...with to he was perfectly happy to go with Elizabeth, but I was afraid he would start the ride and start crying. Or is that my mommy mode of wanting him to need me??? Hmmmm.......probably.
Jungala area- loads of water fun stuff spread throughout the area- kids loved it. Me too, except one of the days some teens stopped by. Most of them just being refreshed, but we had to leave because I had - had enough of two of them - well let's just put it this way. I almost said (surprised I didn't- I am a bit outspoken) you know if you keep that up you end up with this- and pointed at our children. Which is great....if you are not 14-16 years old!

Our Beautiful babes!!! Love these shirts- The Busch Gardens there has an African theme- so these are shirts with an elephant on it- inside the shape of Africa. Love them!!!!!!!! Especially when Africa is sooo close to our hearts! I already got one for our future child (who may be already born......) so we can match as we step into the airport....oh yeah- I am full of fun cheese like that!
Good thing there is glass otherwise our beautiful daughter would be a few fingers short....
Always love watching the elephants...
Water rides are your friend- earlier in the day. Then you aren't soaked on the way home :)

So there you have it. I will post more pics later of Sea World...and any other tips I can think of..........Have a wonderful God Filled Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow, it looks like you guys had a blast! Sea World is my favorite, so I can't wait to see pictures. :)

  2. What fun! I too love those shirts and smiled big that you bought the new love of your lives one too!!

  3. How very cool!! What a wonderful time you all had! That Busch Gardens looks like a ton of fun!!!

  4. Awesome tips! Thank you! We're going to Disney World in a couple weeks so they will come in handy!

    Love all the pics. I bet it's a blast going places with all the kids! Their smiles say it all!

  5. Big fun! Love the tips! Now i just need to work on the big family (wink wink)


  6. Just wanted to say what a joy it is to read your blog! Truly inspiring!!! =)

  7. I just found your blog through another blog. You have a beautiful family.