Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The new furry family memeber.....

 This is me- picking up our new furry family member!  I didn't tell the kids!  Jason and I had been messaging back and forth while he was in England.  You see I had a very tall box I was sure such a little dog wouldn't hop out of....ummm.....not so much! 
 I had Michael with me as he had therapy.  I told the kids after therapy I was going to the store to pick some things up. They didn't know at all!!!  ;)  Have I mentioned keeping surprises is so much fun!!!
 So the gathering place in our home was this little corner of our kitchen where we had our little guy stay for the first day he was here.  I didn't want to try to find him hiding somewhere and wanted him to get used to all of us humans! 
 As you can see- our family has no more love for anything or anyone ;)!  Just kidding!!!!
 Our pets are pretty much spoiled!!!  Part of the story is we have an indoor cat that tends to go outdoors a lot too.  In fact right now Jason just took him to the vet (his tail was accidentally slammed in the door by Joanna- big ooppss).  We have an outdoor dog that we got while living and working at Camp.  He refuses to turn into an indoor dog. 
 We had another indoor dog for years.  When we moved here and Michael came home he bit him unprovoked- on the face.  So we had to say goodbye to Teddy. 
 Since then the kids and I have been begging for another indoor dog.  I mean we walk Sampson (our flat coat retriever that lives outside), and our kiddos chase the cat around constantly!  But there are many of us in this family and only 2 of them. So it only seemed natural to even it out a little bit more.  Right?
 Let's see....a name..... yes well that took us a bit!  We didn't want the same ol' names.  So we searched, talked, narrowed down the list, voted, but in the end since daddy came up with a name.  It is something in this picture! 
 Daddy loved the dog when he got home!  So much that when he was in London- he bought him a matching dog shirt and leash with the union jack on it!
 So as we thought of names we decided that an English name would be GREAT!  When we were first married we had 2 cats (one for each of us) and named them sweets and candy.  Sweets is what they call candy in England.  So that was cute. 
 So we ended up naming him Crumpet!  It fits and is very cute just like our new furry family member.  He was 2 months when we got him...of course that was in February.  As you can tell I am still trying miserably to catch up on this blog.  It's all good.  My house is a mess, my kids are loved, school gets done, work is going well, and we are happy.  So I squeeze in posts when I can. 
Oh so our biggest fear is what if the dog doesn't like Michael?  Well....this video is basically the sweetest ever and I don't think there could be a better match!  Michael clearly is telling us this dog is his new best friend :).


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