Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Adoption Day Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth (from March 19th)

 WOW!  Memory lane.......  This was the "original adoption day" for Joshua, Sarah, & Elizabeth from 2008!  A day that is etched in our minds and hearts forever! 
 This young lady loves to doing nails, scarves, lip gloss, and reading!  I threw in some fun things like a dart gun, fun watch, etc. as well. 
 She has an amazing heart for Michael and loves to help with him, she sings on the worship team for the 1-6 graders, and loves to play sports. 
 This young many loves basketball, reading, and having fun! 
 He wants to be a firefighter and will be GREAT at it!  He has a sense of protecting others and wants to serve!  He also volunteers at church with the little kiddos at church and has served the last 2 years on our Emerge Missions Week.
 This little songbird sings on the Breakaway worship team with her sister as well. 
 She loves her Friends lego sets, reading about princesses, and has an infectious laugh! 
 These three are amazing!  I can't even explain how blessed we are because of them. 
 I couldn't imagine missing out on those smiles. 
 Their creativeness.
 Their personalities. 
 Yes, they each get to chose their desert for their day.  It works because we have 9 children and we eat it all pretty quickly anyway ;)  Joshua chose a chocolate chip cookie cake. 
 Reeses Ice Cream Cake. 
 Blueberry cobbler for Sarah! 
 Yumminess all around!!!
Oh, and Crumpet loved the balloons, but found out quickly that it is loud when they pop! 

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