Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Miracle Michael Turns 5!!!! (Feb 27)

 There are not adequate words in all the world to describe our love for this sweet miracle boy!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL JASON WRIGHT!!!! 
 Our miracle Michael:  Your continued growth and learning are inspiring.  You don't often complain.  You give amazing snuggles and your laugh is contagious.  Our world needs more of you and your determination and love! 
 To get to witness your new skills - just amazes me!  To all those doctors who said you would never....  well wish they could see you now!  :) 

You can get yourself up and situated in your walker  and are walking more every day! 
You can whip that wheelchair around all kinds of obstacles in our home. 
You can help put on and take off your own clothes. 
You can pull yourself up on pretty much anything and cruise away. 
 You love any and every rollercoaster you are tall enough for!  You are the one laughing when the grown ups are scared ;). 
You are signing more for things you want and can let us know when you are done as well!
You give high fives and can follow some simple directions too!
You make many sounds and can say words like momma, dadda, bubbles, Michael, more, go, and others...of course sometimes you only say them when you want to.
 You are learning to hold onto things and pull yourself, push objects together, stack things, and play with toys. 
You love ice cream- because you have the best taste! 
You are drinking from a straw now!
You enjoy toys that make noise and any kind of ball you can throw or roll.
You can show many kinds of emotions and feelings now.  
 Michael you have conquered more than most people will in a lifetime!  Some people say that you can't do much or maybe don't know the difference when things happen.  However, they don't know you.  The REAL YOU!  Who sees so much more than even I probably know. 
 Those who get the opportunity to love someone that is as special as you- are the fortunate ones! 
 Those who get to see your heart- are BLESSED!!!
 I can't wait to see what the next 5 years bring!  How much more you will do and say!  I can't wait to see your witness to the world about how God heals and inspires through you!  All I can say is- bring it on!  GO MICHAEL GO!!!