Monday, October 27, 2014

Why I became a Christian Adoption Consultant.

 Everyone has reasons for what happens in their lives.  Reasons we start to do something.  Reasons we step out in faith.  Reasons we change jobs or move.  Our reasons for working for Christian Adoption Consultants are many!   
 One is that when we found out about Christian Adoption Consultants we were in the midst of a failed international adoption.  We couldn't do foster care because "we had too many children", and we were doubtful that with 7 children we could even do a domestic adoption.  We were heartbroken, devastated, and felt like we had no hope of adopting again.

Until we found out about Christian Adoption Consultants through a blog I had read.  The family I was reading about had just adopted their 10th child through Christian Adoption Consultants so I immediately called and asked how they did that which led us to call CAC right away!
At the time were Christian Camp Directors and had a busy retreat planned for that weekend so very little time to talk about it.  That Monday however we started working with Christian Adoption Consultants.  Let's just say we had a whirlwind experience that led us to our baby girl and by the end of the week she was in our arms and ours!!!
 This is not a typical story, but it is ours and we were thankful!  We loved that even as a "larger" family (at the time remember we had 7 kiddos) that there was someone out there that would work with us, and welcome us to work with them.  They showed us through the entire process!  We didn't have to feel overwhelmed with how do you know you are working with a good agency?  Will we have to wait years to get matched?  How do I know what questions to ask?  All of that and so much more was answered by working with Christian Adoption Consultants
 It's not hard to see that this sweetheart changed our lives again!  Then of course we brought home 2 years later her "older" sibling.  Of course they are only a month apart.  Michael brought a new dimension to our family that we were thrilled about.  Michael came home to us through Christian Adoption Consultants Special Needs Program. 
 So why did we become Christian Adoption Consultants?  Easy!  When you have had 2 great experiences with people who know what they are doing and wonderful to work with you want to be a part of that! 
 So here is our Top 10 reasons:

1) We love helping families through the adoption process.  Seeing their faith as they wait for their little ones to arrive and then seeing them grow as a family.  It is very rewarding!

2)  Getting to pray for our clients and their families is a wonderful thing.  Drawing closer to God through being on your knees for other families is great!

3)  Encouraging others on this journey.  Having been on many adoption journeys ourselves as well as reading and watching others is something that we feel we can do.  It isn't easy and we remember and know those feelings well.  So being there to just encourage and root for our families as they show their profiles is rewarding.
 4)  Sharing the ups and downs of adoption.  You see it isn't just a journey for a little while until our clients are matched.  I love keeping up with our clients and being there for all of the ups and downs.  There are sometimes when it gets hard.  That baby you prayed for, for months is awake all night every night.  You have added another child and now juggling everything is a little tougher than you thought.

Oh and the joys of seeing them roll over, take a first step, meet siblings, and the millions of steps towards going to school, those adorable costumes this time of year, opening Christmas gifts, and many many more great memories! 

5)  The privilege of praying for the many birth families.  This is dear to my heart as we have birth families of our own we pray for, but each child represents their birth families as well.  Those who made a huge unconditional gift of life!

6)  Working to share our adoption knowledge!  We have fostered, adopted through foster care,  sibling groups, older children, at birth, different skin colors, various alcohol and drug exposures, special needs, international adoption, regular domestic adoption......  We love sharing our hearts with people about all of the above.  Sometimes people just want to know that someone understands their questions.  I have never worried about sharing what we know with people.  Clients have many times said I am not sure how to ask ........  We are a safe place to ask any and all questions regarding adoption!  So ask away!
 7)  I am pretty sure I have the best job in the world, but what makes it even better is that the other consultants I work with are amazing!  We often converse with each other and are able to encourage and ask each other questions sharing important knowledge to pass on to our clients.  This just makes working with Christian Adoption Consultants even better!

8)  There is a real need for adoption!  I tell people all the time that although there are some programs that seem to take longer there is a real need for adoption domestically and internationally.  This was a myth I believed for years especially regarding domestic adoption.  It is not true and we have families getting matched all the time dispelling this very myth.  
9)  We get to live our passion!  Jason and I love adoption which may be obvious since we have adopted 9 children, but in all reality our children get to live it with us.  We get to share about our clients with our children when they get matched.  When the child is placed with them.  When I am on the phone searching for a family for a specific situation.

Listen getting to have your work be your passion is great and getting to see the joy on your children's faces because they get it too is even greater!

10)  We love it because Christian Adoption Consultants worked for us- twice!  It has been such a blessing to us that we want to share it with anyone who will listen.  We want everyone to know that domestic adoption, international adoption, and special needs adoption doesn't have to be scary.  It can be amazing and we can help!

Now for even more amazing news!  
Between October 29th- November 7th we are offering 
a 10% discount!!! 
(On the top 3 packages) 

So if you have questions now is the time to ask away!!!
Don't let the unknown keep you from adoption ask your questions now and we are happy to answer them for you!

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