Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sensory Socks & Iowa State Fair

 OK so these are the supplies you will need.  We made 10 sensory socks- which cost $20 total.  $10 for 20lbs of rice, and $10 (actually less) for 10 pairs of large men's socks.  Of course you don't need that many if you only have a couple of kiddos, but you can and use them to stack etc. 
 They are modeling the finished project!  CUTE models!!!
 OK so I doubled up the sock because well - I am a list girl, a double is better just in case person.  :)
 We did 2lbs per sock (which is what they had at therapy), but you could easily do a 3lb or a 1lb. 
 I got a funnel- one that had a pretty open mouth and it worked great! 
 I tied the inner sock first stuck the knot down inside and then knotted the outer sock. 

So why??  Well the other day at therapy they had Michael picking them up with both hands to throw in occupational therapy.  He loved it and it is GREAT exercise for him.  When I felt the rice in the sock it felt very similar to those fun pillows they sell at Brookstone with the silky feel.  Sounds weird, but trust me they are fun to "feel".

You can punch them, swing them around (don't hit anyone or anything), stomp on them and express feelings safely.

You can squish them easily- and they feel fun!

You could easily make faces on them which could be really fun- making sock people or animals!

AND for little who need strength building it is a fun weight to play with!

Weight- weighted blankets are great!  This is an easy version to place in the lap while doing homework or other quiet activities.  You can lay them on their shoulders, on their stomach as they lay down, back.   This gives your child a deeper touch feeling which is quite soothing to those who crave it!  :)   

So there is your sensory fun tip!!  :) 
 So the rest of the pics are from the Iowa State Fair from our vacation....  :) 
 Fun, cute animal babies!! 

 baby ostriches.......
 Baby ducks.... I think..... he he he ....I could be wrong!  There were babies of everything that day ;). 
 OH and my favorite!!!  Baby chickens!!!  Literally fresh out of the eggs!!!!
 Don't be surprised if we end up with baby chickens soon!!!!!  :)
 YUMMMM!!!!!!!  PIGS!!!  Taste great :).  Sorry vegetarians..... but I love meat. 
 SO we decided to splurge and get the kids 1 item from any place they wanted!  Some had funnel cake, some cotton candy,

 Michael said I am tired.....this wore me out!!  Too CUTE!!! 
 Root beer float!!!  OH and don't forget my cute prize ribbons!!!
Hope your week is going GREAT!!!!

***WE HAVE OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED OUR INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are interested or have questions- please contact me!!!

813-360-7368 or email me wrights@christianadoptionconsultants 

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