Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Road Tripping with a large family

 Today's pictures brought to you by our 2014 vacation :).  We have had a lot of people ask us how we manage to road trip with a large family.  I would love to say that at all times only wholesome talk comes out of our mouths, our children are complete angels, and I never want to throw myself from the van.....at speed! 
 But that would be a lie.  This is a child protesting right here.....  ;). 
 So here's the deal.  We did actually splurge and buy a new DVD player for this trip.  It actually has 2 screens- one in front that we rigged up to hang where the former one was- actually we attached it to it.  Crazy, cheap, and yes true!  The 2nd screen is in the 3rd row attached to the car seat in front of it.  Yes - well it works. 
 We actually don't usually watch a lot of movies, typically one maybe 2 a day.....but in all reality by the 3rd day of traveling on our way to Iowa- we were like.  WHO CARES???  STICK IN A MOVIE FAST!!!  HA!  Because it is reality. 
 Jason did do different CD's for us to listen to- by doing worship mix CD's, a Disney mix, and a random song mix.  You may ask- what would be on the random song mix?  Well, because we don't listen to "regular radio" if you like only JOYFM our children don't really know a lot of "other songs" than Christian Music.  They do know things like Cotton Eyed Joe, Eye of The Tiger, and a few other random songs.  So Jason put those all on one CD too. 

Actually we had a long list of songs the kids requested written on our white board before we left.  That way we could vote what songs we wanted. 
 So we listened to those, watched a few movies, and played a few games like - can we find all the states on license plates.  Also things like guessing games- animal, mineral, plant or very educational games where we throw out random questions to see if our kids know the answers like how many strips are on the American flag and what do they represent?
 If our road trip is only 12-15 hours we drive it all at once and get it over with.....however when it is closer to 24  hours....like this one was we broke it down into 3 days.  So we can spread it out, still not travel all of their waking hours, and be able to sleep well.  We typically get up at 6am, get going and out of the hotel or house by around 8am....on the road until dinner. 
 We definitely PREFER to stop at someone's home as this is much more fun to actually get to see friends, family- or whoever is crazy enough to take our family in!!!  :)  Nothing like crashing someone's house to get to know them up close and personal! 
 This is what I look like while road trippin!  SERIOUSLY!!!  NOT A JOKE!
 Of course road tripping is also great for family closeness ;).  Personalities shine bright when you are in the car together for long periods of time.  Sometimes that is fun and sometimes not so much.  Michael had a few hard times - it was as if he couldn't fall asleep in his car seat and he got upset about it, and let all of us know. 

I did use a lot of oils!!!  If you have kiddos get car sick - peppermint behind the ears, and on the stomach works wonders!!!  We brought dramamine in case, but never used it.  This coming from the mom of a couple of children who usually get car sick and we usually have to stop several times.  After riding through Missouri as well and still not getting car sick.  We would never go on another road trip without my peppermint!!! 

Other benefits- peppermint in confined spaces will help clear up  those passages of those who have allergy issues (like myself), and will help keep you awake while driving!!!  DOUBLE BENEFIT!
 When Michael was having some huge issues and screaming- peace and calming along with Cedarwood really helped- me and him!!! 
 EAR PLUGS are a great tool when you feel you are going to lose it.  Just a side note of course.  But next road trip I am ordering a car diffuser as well! 
 Our kiddos did do great!  They usually do.  We all lived to tell about it, and had a great vacation. 
 THIS was a small tenderloin.  OH MY GOODNESS I miss this!!!!  YUMMY!!  My kids were laughing that you picked up a phone to order.  He he he he....  They need to know what the classics are!!! 
Other things that help with road tripping- snacks & water!  We usually don't buy bottled water, but for the sake of road trips we do.  We also pack toys - they each get a bag to pack what they want in it.  We get new paperback cheap books to take, along with some coloring books, paper, and cheapest crayons I can find.  Sometimes if I am really crazy I go to a dollar section and pick some fun cheap stuff to entertain the kids- little toy, stickers, fun pens, etc. 

So there you have it- how it really is....  :) 

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