Monday, September 8, 2014

Congratulations Amy & Peter- It's a Disney Princess!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Amy & Peter.....It's a Disney Princess!!!!!

Once upon a time there was a family that had 3 beautiful young children.  They loved their family, but also knew that God had laid another adoption on their hearts.

 Here is a part of their story......

We met Dawn during our first adoption as they used the same international agency we were using.  Over the course of the years following our adoption Dawn began to work for Christian Adoption Consultants and we knew God was calling us to adopt again.  After lots of prayer over options, we knew our next little one would join our family through domestic adoption, and that we needed the help of some experts to chart these new waters.  Hence the journey with Christian Adoption Consultants began!  

This revelation caused many messages back and forth with Dawn asking hundreds of questions of which she was always willing to answer them and get me really excited to start the process, but the answer was always wait.  Dawn was so understanding as this pattern continued for over a year!  

Finally, in November of 2013 God finally told us yes, it was time to move forward. I couldn't wait to tell Dawn it was finally time! We knew this process could take a long time for our family as we had a family with 3 small children already. In hindsight, this process was much shorter than we ever anticipated. It all felt full steam ahead.  In March we were home study approved and started presenting our profile the very next day.  We did hear several no's and were settling in for a long wait when our yes came along!  6 weeks later our sweet little girl was in our arms!  We couldn't be any happier and after years of feeling like a piece of my heart was missing, I finally feel complete!  I am so grateful for Christian Adoption Consultants because they were the key piece in leading us to our daughter!

 Oh how I love answering people's questions!!!  

Can we adopt even if we have children?

 What if we have small children in the home?

 Is there really a need for people to do domestic adoption?

YES, YES, YES!!!!!!  To all the above!  For every expectant mother I believe there is a family wondering will anyone want us as a family for their most precious gift of a child?  The answer is YES! 

 Questions?  PLEASE contact me 

or call anytime 813-360-7368

WE ARE STARTING AN INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION PROGRAM!!!!  This is something we are passionate about.  Our desire through our infant adoption program, special needs adoption program, and international adoption program is to help families on their journey to adopt and care for children here in the United States and all over the world!!!  Email or call for more information. Our program is starting officially October 1st!!! 

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