Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Iowa vacation!

 Hello Everyone!!!  So things are back in the swing and we have started home school again.  I know I am once again behind on my blogging which really is sad because I miss it!!!  I sooo need to find a time of the day that works better for me to blog.  Evenings have become a little more crazy because of some needs of my babies.  So I am going to keep working on that. 

For now- enjoy pics of our Iowa trip.  The above picture is us at a Culver's.  Now if you have never been to Culver's - I am so very sorry!  ;)  They have amazing frozen custard, yummy food, and well let's say I love cheese curds as well!!!  I know not healthy which is why it is probably a good thing the nearest one to us is an hour away! 
 The rest of the pictures are from the state fair.  We decided that we would enjoy going to the state fair on our trip.  It brought back fun memories for me and Jason as we had gone together a few times over the years. 
 You don't realize how much you miss real pork chops until you move south where fish, crawfish, and other specialties are great, but their pork chops tend to be well......whimpy!!!  Sorry no offense.  It's ok I understand that Iowa is huge on pork production, and corn.  Other places not so much. 
 So it is a typical fair with loads to fact there are more pictures to come as well. 
 Lots of corn and you forget that there are literally hundreds of kinds of corn!!!  Yep, tru fact.  Squash, egg plant, and all those veggies. 
 Here is their ice sculptures- crazy that it was an alligator considering there are none in Iowa. 
 Now this....this is something that everyone in Iowa knows about- the Iowa State Fair Butter Cow!!!
 They do different "themes" every year.  They also sculpt different breeds of cows so they are different most years too. 
 This year was Field of Dreams :)... and yes the entire thing is made of butter!  Now my question is - how many Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls could you make with all that butter???  :)
 Live bees....  cool to see.  Of course my husband wants to do bees here one day.  Ummm.....not sure how I feel about that.  It makes me very scared.  BUT I would love the honey. 
 Yes, we did lots of random pictures because I made them!  He he he he he
 A giant chicken....  and Matthew....
 Now why do these pictures not correct themselves?  Anyone know how to do that?  If so let me know I obviously need some help.  THANKS!!! 

So this is the tallest stalk of corn ever (replica).  As you can see it is crazy tall!!!!  At the fair they always have this years tallest stalks which is fun too. 
 This just tells a little about the tallest stalk. 
 We ate at the Iowa Pork Association because as you can tell I just wanted to eat all the good Iowa Pork!!!  YUMMY!!!!!! 
 :) pork this time, but we need to get chewing!!!
 The following is a unique display for younger kiddos and you did all these various activities and they would trade you seeds for the toy corn, then you would feed that to the cows and pigs, and get pork.  Things like that and showed some of the processes that take place to get food to the grocery store.  Jonathan isn't happy in the above picture- not sure why?
 We all followed them around as they did their activities. 

 What cute chicks!

 Look how cute my babies in a huge tractor tire! 

 Go Joanna go! 
 My cute farmers....

 Learning how to milk a cow.  Which is what my grandfather actually did for many many many years.  My dad grew up milking cows. 
 Taking your food to trade in at the markets. 
That's a wrap for Michael!!  But he was soo cute!!!

Hoping someone out there still reads my blog :).  Will be posting more pictures and posts soon!  Feels good and hoping I can encourage others too.  OR at least give you a smile! 


  1. Since I am from IA, I can especially appreciate this post!! We loved the fair growing up!!

  2. amazing!! great to see the amazing work of great experienced art directors!!