Friday, June 20, 2014

Spiritual Growth & Happy 12th Adoption Day Abigail!!!

 Sometimes in our life there are times of huge spiritual growth and sometimes there are seasons of slow growth.  Sometimes we even feel stagnant.  I would love to say that I am a "perfect Christian", but that would be so unrealistic!!!!  I mean it just is for anyone!  
 These past few years have been hard.  Struggles I never thought I would face.  Challenging behaviors in our home- and that is just my behaviors forget the kids or hubby! 
 This past week I was able to go to camp with over 100 jr/sr youth from our church!!!  I have to say that I LOVE CAMP!!!!  Even though we knew we couldn't stay where we were before has no bearing on the fact that I LOVE CAMP!!!  I love the ministry that happens there....I love the campers.....I love sharing Jesus.....I love playing with other adults and kids in an atmosphere of FUN!!!!  I LOVE WORSHIP and just focusing on where my heart is and where it needs to be!!!
 So it was great to get back to something that I love, but also because I have been seeking hard after Him.......and waiting....and waiting.  This past week I felt breakthrough.  I felt like I was there for the campers first and foremost, but also that God had a plan for me too!  That I needed to remember WHOSE I AM! 

It was awesome!!!!  Awesome because even though there was some crazy- there always is.  Even though I am still catching up on lost sleep ;).  Even though there are major things I need to work on.  God has given my heart a new focus. 
 I am starting to read "Praying Circles- Around The Lives of Your Children" by Mark Batterson.  IT IS AN AMAZING book for ANY PARENT!!!!  GRANDPARENT!!!!  THOSE EXPECTING!!!!  I got it because a friend of mine recommended it.  I was not prepared for the rejuvenation in my heart for dedicated prayer for our children, those of my clients, family, friends!!! 

Children are my passion!!!  Pretty obvious ;).  I love children- mine, my friends, my clients, the beautiful children everywhere around the world that don't know Jesus or are without a family!!!  I LOVE THEM ALL! 

This book gives you just a boost of the why's & how's of serving children through prayer.  You know there are so many times as a parent that we know we mess up- BIG TIME!  There are times we pull our hair out.  There are times we are down right ashamed of our actions and words.  The thing is though that we are human just like our children.  We have to say sorry, but we also have to understand WHOSE THEY ARE! 
 As in they don't actually belong to us....they belong to the Lord!  They are all on loan from Heaven.  We can't actually lay claim to them because the are God's!!  We can however pray fervently for them.  For them to find families, for them to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, for them to follow after God, for them to learn and grow spiritually, for healing in their lives, to speak life over them.....and so much more. 
 I think sometimes my life gets a little crazy.  There are changes that take my brain time to catch up on.  There are things that sometimes overwhelm me.  It's true.  I have to take that time to step back, catch my breath, and do what I am called to do- GROW, SHARE, LOVE! 
 I want to pour into people!  I want to pour into relationships knowing this isn't easy.  There is drama.  There is heartache.  There are praises.  There are times of huge growth.  There are times when you beat your head against the wall. 

Funny how that works because it is just like my spiritual growth!  ;)  Yep God has a great sense of humor.  If you aren't sure where you are in your spiritual growth- step back, breathe, pray, seek.....God has this!!!
HAPPY ADOPTION DAY ABIGAIL!!!!!  Yep, of course the day we get back from camp with our church it is Abigail's Adoption Day!!!!  12 years ago we said our first YES TO ADOPTION!!!!!  Blessed doesn't even begin to cover it.  Abigail is an amazing young lady. 

We have a camera now- ummm....but I haven't uploaded there may be pics of that coming...

Abigail- I am privileged that I am your mom.  I wasn't there for the first time you cried, the first time you rolled over or sat up on your own, I didn't get to see you take your first steps, or see you on your first birthday.......but we have been privileged to see you grow in beauty!!!  Not just physical beauty which you have had since birth, but spiritual beauty!!  I am praying for you daily because I know there are times when it is hard.  There are times you want to throw your hands in the air. 

I just want you to know I don't take a day for granted and am so joyful that I get to share my life with you!!!!!

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