Friday, June 27, 2014

Becoming Oily

 Awwww......aren't they cute??  :)  So we got a new camera.  Finally!!!  However, I just now actually downloaded the pics so now I have more catching up to do. 
 This was Joanna's reaction to Mommy, Abigail, and Andrew being HOME from camp!!!  She was thrilled to have us all back again.  She really struggled with having us gone.  A big shout out to my awesome hubby who held it all together!!! 
 So these are some pics that I didn't post in Abagail's birthday pic post because... I hadn't downloaded them yet ;).

So I enjoy sharing what our family is doing.  So here is the deal....we are becoming oily.  THIS IS NOT A SELL JOB!!!  I am not going to start posting all the time about the wonders of Essential Oils mainly because there are literally 100's of people doing this already, and I have information on my pin board about oils too!!! 

I just simply want to share what I have learned so far.  :)
 I have ordered Essential Oils from both DoTerra & Young Living :)  he he he....cause I did.  It's all good and I am pretty sure I am not going to be captured by the police for it!!!  I have many friends that sell them both, and I was curious about them. 

I do have to say that Young Living's intro Oil packet (so to speak) is cheaper!!!  That's all I am saying about that. 
 So I am a believer in Thank You Lord for medicines, doctors, surgeries, and THE GREAT DOCTOR'S HEALING.  God made us to think and use our skills to help each other.  However, something about constantly taking medicines for everything is also worrying.  I am not one to hand out medicine on a regular basis.  I use sparingly.  However, I do also want my babies to be comfortable as well as myself. 

That is where the oils have come in!!!  With just the intro pack so to speak I have been able to take care of many "everyday" things.  From rashes from unknown source, poison ivy (specifically), headaches, body aches, bug bites, ear aches, congestion, sinus control, sore throat, sun burn, and more.  It seems a bit crazy at first.  Learning what is for what, but now Joanna will even come to me and say mommy I need some lavender for my itch, etc.  It's kinda adorable!!!  
 I think the thing is using oils is natural and unless you are allergic to them there are no side affects that I have seen.  Now you can't use them and then stick your finger in your eye before washing your hands ;), but really they are very family friendly.  And the oils last a looonnngggg time even in a family our size!!! 
 I know there are many combinations of oils too that can really help children from hard places.  We have just started our journey in that.  I think it took quite a while to really convince me of "is this real"  ;).  I can say that we have been using some to help Joanna go to sleep at night which is a real issue for her.  They seem to be helping- YEA!!!! 
 I think too when you have children who are from hard places there are times when you want to "give them something" because they ask.  I definitely don't want to just have them "popping pills".  Giving them oils is another way to say yes without harming them for sure!!!  Some of our kiddos struggle and I want to say yes as much as I can!!!  Kind of like Karen Purvis' - give them a 100 bandaids if that is what they need.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Give them an oil!!!  Especially when you know it will help too :) in more ways than one. 
 Awwww.......isn't this sweet??  This is what I came home to.  :)  I must be loved and missed!!!!
He got me roses and a laptop pillow for my bed.  :)  Have a blessed weekend!!!


  1. I'm going to be honest and say the vast majority of my friends have become oily and the blowing up of my fb with it has made me want to avoid it at all costs. :( I know that sounds awful, but it's true. Anyway, are oils that are actually processed in a way that is superior to both doterra and young living and .. it's not an MLM and they are less pricey. :) I did a lot of investigating because I like the idea of oils, I don't like the idea of people trying to sell me something. :)

    1. I have lots and lots of friends who sell, and yes made me a little like- ummm....please no sell jobs. That was NOT a down play on them. I LOVE THEM!!! I am glad I have tried them, and want to use them!! They have helped a lot!

      Glad you gave it a go!!! I am happy you found some that are great!!! Another reason I am not "pushing" any brand.

      I have a lot of friends selling oils and other products to help support their family- no hard feelings there. Happy they have that!!!

  2. I've been experimenting with oils as well...still not many variables...and if I'm doing the oils, I'm also more likely to be on top of some of the other positive things. One thing I do love...positive touch for my child who resists complaints if I'm rubbing oil on his feet. :-)

    1. Exactly!!! Even if you "don't believe in them" with children from hard places- there is the touch, the healing of their owies, and so much more! For that reason alone for some children it is worth it!!!