Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just Get Out There!!!

 Now before I get loads of comments on is this a ketchup commercial, are you an extreme couponer, or do you really buy that much ketchup......no is the answer to all the above.  This is our date night from last week that of course ends up at Walmart ;).  Don't all great dates end up there or Sam's or Target??  OK never mind just us then?
(Picture above from our "date night" with Joshua- we went to see a semi-pro basketball game with him, and he loved it!)

So the real reason of this post is that I saw an article that got me thinking on some things.  It was about putting on your swimsuits moms and dads and get in the water with your kids.  Don't let your insecurities get to you.  Don't allow your personal thoughts about your body stop you from doing things. 

So I started thinking about myself.  Do I ever allow my thoughts about myself stop me from doing things with and for my children.  I think the answer for all of us is Yes.  Now maybe not because of our own self image, but maybe for other reasons too. 
 Maybe it's because you are trying to "get ahead" in your work so you keep saying no to playing with your children.  Maybe it's because you really just don't like an activity.  Maybe it is self image, not just in your swimsuit, but what if those people at the park stair at me being silly with my children.  Maybe it is about what others at church will think of you if you raised your hands or got into your worship to the point you weren't worried about others around you. 
 We have all done it at some point to some degree.  I have certainly said well I don't want others to look at me in that way.  I don't want others at church to see me as "different".  I don't want to be made to be silly because I stink at this sport.  I don't want to be known as "that mom" who does it all.  The list could go on.....
 I want to take time to encourage you!  You who (like me) has some extra pounds, who isn't good at a sport, who thinks people may think you are crazy.  JUST GET OUT THERE!!! 

I promise you your children won't remember that part.  What they will remember is - MY PARENTS GOT OUT THERE!  They may have stunk at basketball but they played with me or took me to a basketball game and cheered loudly from the sidelines with me.  They may have not been able to swim laps like I do, but they got in the pool with me and we splashed and had so much fun.  They couldn't sing worth anything, but they sang praises to God with all their heart in worship to Him. 
They will remember the important times when YOU WERE THERE for them.  Physically spending time with them.  Saying I am here with you and enjoying these moments with you.  Those cute videos I have of all of Micheal's achievements those are because since the beginning when he does his therapies Jason or I are there with him.  We are there cheering him on.  When he cries or struggles like he did in today's therapy that we are humming along to calm him down.  We and the therapists are telling him you can do this! 

Now, I am sure Michael could do a lot in therapy with or without us there, but how much more can he do because we are WITH HIM!  Getting involved. 

Sitting on the sidelines is sometimes needed.  Sometimes we have to take a sanity break, but sometimes we just need the encouragement that we need to GET OUT THERE because my children NEED ME!!  They need me to get in there and be with them.  :)

No condemnation here---- just encouragement!!!!  We are all struggling parents trying to do our best ;)  What can you do today to be more involved with your kiddos?

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