Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adoption Days and Birthdays galore!!!

I am well behind.  And so just to explain how my weeks have been since we moved.  Oh yes, we never do things easy around here!  We move in and immediately try to unbury ourselves from box after box.  Thinking of storage solutions and what goes where.  Today we just got a couple of things on our bare walls.  Put together all the bunks, shelves, and bunches of toys and books! 

Ahhh......but as I took the kids to pick out new bedding and towels as a part of their late Christmas presents.....we were rear ended.  Of course it took over 2 hours for the police report.  THANKFUL that we were all safe since I had 7 of our babes with me at the time.  Then we took in a little baby girl through cradle care (since I work with Mother Goose Adoptions) and I am working with the birth family.  Did I mention my parents in love flew in earlier this week too?  They are staying with us for a few weeks!  :) 

Needless to say - we are a little swamped ;).  Wouldn't have it any other way!! 
So here is Matthew's Adoption Day!!!  YEA!!  It was November 27th and all these pics were taken on my phone since my battery recharge quite working for our camera. 
Legos, dart guns, and star wars that's what our boys are made of!!! 
He chose oreo cheesecake- YUMMY!!!!!!  We are so thrilled to have Matthew in our family!!!  He came to us as a tiny (under 6lbs) baby and at just a little over a year we were able to adopt him.  Matthew has a sly sense of humor, loves to put things together and take them apart, create new things, and is great at giving hugs!!! 
Andrew had his birthday on December 6th!  He turned 12 and is officially an oldest if you like. 
As you can see he is great at loving the youngest. 
Legos are his world!  NOT JOKING!!
We bought him a book of world records for fun. 
Ice Cream Cake- with peppermint flavoring.  So peppermint M&M's, peppermint chips, and chocolate sauce too! 
Love that smile!!!! 
My only confusion....I can't find Elizabeth's birthday pics or Michael's adoption day pics???  Praying I can find them.  This move has had us all discombobulated.  ;) 

It's all good!!!  Holding a sweet blessing from heaven as I type!  Praying that things go well and she is united with her family by Friday!  Please pray with me.  This case has become complicated and the adoptive family, the birth family, and this sweet girl need permanency!!  Just praying for God's beautiful plan for their lives!!!  

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