Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy 11th Adoption Day Abigail! Father's Day pics too.....

 Today.......11 years ago we officially became parents for the first time!!!!!  EEEEKKKKKK!!!!  Wow I still remember the small details that just blew me away!  The fact that Abigail was with another foster family....we got a call from them saying the parental rights were terminated.....would we possibly be interested?  YES YES YES!!!!!! She was 14 months old at the time.  I remember my nerves flying through my body as we sat in their home.....waiting for her to come downstairs from a nap.  She was GORGEOUS!  I know I am a little bias, but people- I mean model child amazing comes to mind! 
 Oh so cute and sweet!  Of course she batted those eyelashes and we were hooked, but she played shy with us.  After talking with Bob and Cindy we decided to have a day visit the next day....we went to - well Burger King.  I know classy right?  Well, we had never had a child before- french fries are always a hit, and we though indoor playground as we were in Iowa and it was cold outside. 
 There were some unexpected twists in our story together!  Some not so fun, some really not fun, but then at age 2 1/2 she was declared our child in the court!  WOW!!!!  We were more than thrilled! 

Since then she has grown into a confident, beautiful - inside and out, smart, compassionate young lady!  We are so very proud of who she has become in Christ!  She enjoys being an artist and loves drawing, loves to play with her siblings (even though they are normal siblings and also argue), cuddle with the youngest "twins", be involved in JV (our jr high at our church), and help with the little kids at church as well. 
 God has such amazing plans for you Abigail!  We can not wait to see what they are!!!!  I know you are listening and seeking Him.  Oh and you happen to have amazing taste as well.  This is her adoption day desert - raspberry white chocolate cheese cake!!  I mean- that in and of itself is awesome. 

 Yep- happy Abigail!  Abigail means source of Joy- and this people is a very joyful young lady :). 
 OK back up the truck people because after my post yesterday......which was actually written as a
 testimony for the church's website- The Crossing.  They drew for a prize - my hubby won :)!!!!  This was his morning presents and cards from the kids and myself!  His presents- beef jerky, candles, and cards- 11 of them to be exact.  Advantages to having so many kiddos :). 
 Look at this pic of our family sitting around looking to their daddy.......(well Michael was wondering what in the world I was doing).  He is adored by them!!  It isn't hard to see why. 
 His prize from church- was for a $50 gift card from a local sports store- so he bought himself a nice pair of goggles and nose plugs, and a fun collapsible water bottle.  Now back story- my hubby has had nice goggles before.  The bigger kind because he wears contacts, and loves to have fun while at the beach or in our pool, but they have been busted.  If it isn't a need.....sometimes you just don't repace things.  So he got his chance! 
Now he can play on our next beach trip, and today we have already been in the pool :).  Oh hubby is a little different than most, but hey he deals with me all the time- he must be crazy!!!!


  1. Cool goggles. Goggles sometimes have a short life span in our house. And we've learned to use cheap ones on the tube behind the jet ski because they can get lost if a child flies off the tube.

    1. We don't have jet ski's, and his are just for him.....our kids get whatever pair is on sale after last year's "summer is over" ;). he he he he....