Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS Deke and Su!!! It's a BOY!

Introducing Deke meeting his son for the first time!!!
 As you can see big sister fell in love with little brother :)........ 
 They enjoy many snuggles together......
 Su.......instantly knew this was meant to be.......
Praise God for new life, for new additions to the family, and for happy endings that make your heart sing!!!

Deke and Su started working with Christian Adoption Consultants in November of last year and received news of a special stork drop- on Memorial Day......with excitement and enthusiasm they said YES!  When I got to call them and say- You've been matched......they couldn't wait to go meet him. 

Now the fun part for me is that I have known both Deke and Su for quite some time.  I was acutally working at the Christian Camp they now direct when I was Su's counselor.  I know what you are thinking- Dawn....you are far too young to have been her counselor- awwww.....shucks...I know right?  ;)  Deke and I went to college together and are both Simpson Alumni. 

My husband and I have worked with them both at their camp as volunteers and when we worked in Iowa at a "sister camp" we enjoyed getting to know Deke and Su even more.  They watched our family as it continued to grow through adoption as well. 

So when they called to say we are ready to start the adoption process I was more than thrilled to get to be on this journey with them!  It is amazing to watch the miracle of adoption unfold.  This part for me as a consultant is one that I cherish.  I am so thankful just to get to see the miracles happen.  This is the result of all the late night talks, all the paperwork (trees worth), the phone calls, the questions, the saying YES!

Ever thought about doing a domestic adoption?  Want to know more about how Christian Adoption Consultants works?  Adoption can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be.  Allow us to help you!  Call 1-813-7368 today or email:  wrights@christianadoptionconsultants.com

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