Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adoption: It will cost you Everything!

 Here is a picture of the most handsome man on the planet!  :) 
 He learned how to install our new water heater for us, bought the necessary items from Lowe's, and.....
 did it!  LOVE that he is willing to go outside of his comfort zone to fix things!  He has also fixed our pool pump- remember the casing on our filter broke and you couldn't get to the filter to change it.  Yikes.  So he ordered a new casing, new filter, and other new parts to get our pool back up and running.  He has now fixed that too!  :)
 This is our new refrigerator!  YEA!!!  We got a discount, and Lowe's was running a special deal and we will get a card for money to spend there later (pretty sure we will easily use that), and there was a ding on the back corner- so more discount!  NOT BAD!  :)  It is a pretty high capacity- BONUS for us!
 This is a dark picture, but my camera has issues (or it most likely my fault ;) with either making a picture too bright or too dark.  UGH!  Anywho- this is my tower of "baby wipes".  Once every few months I chop the below package of Bounty (you have to have the good stuff to make it work, and I get it from Sam's) into make baby wipes :).  I use an electric knife, but it still makes my arm ache a bit.  I am a whimp and not afraid to say it! 
 Then you mix 2 cups water, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and 1 tablespoon of baby oil, and a squirt of baby soap.  They work great!  Just pop it in a plastic container (slit an X shape in the top) and - whola it works great!  Saves tons of money too!!!  :)
 So today as I stated on FB we had a "game of hospital".  There were doctors, nurses, a chef, Joanna went around drinking everyone's medicine (ummm....I think she was supposed to be giving it out? ;), Michael was the supervising surgeon!  I was the momma who went to visit all the children.  he he he he.....I think something happened and it got out of control though.  YIKES!  Oh well.....
 Here is my little man- standing with only my hands around his hips. 
 Look at him go!!!!!! 
Yes, I am in my PJ's, but that isn't the important part- Look at my little man standing up so well with pretty much just holding my hands.  He can do this for a pretty long time too!!! 

**He did have a soft tissue injury recently.  No idea what happened, but his cerebral palsy doctor said it could have been a standing attempt, or stretching injury.  Well, he got over that now and is back on track standing and working on walking! 

There is this idea that adoption costs too much.  Usually people are talking about money.  It's true- it isn't cheap.  There are great grants, loans, and if you foster to adopt it is either low cost or free.  There are many online websites that have been created to help you fundraise even- WAHOO! 

BUT that isn't what I am talking about.  I am talking about the REAL COST!  The real cost is - YOUR LIFE!  I am not just talking about raising a child.  I am talking more in depth than that.  I am talking about helping them to trust, allow you and God into their hearts, I am talking lots and lots of time and energy, I am talking constant reminders to yourself about connecting to them, I am talking about relearning your parenting skills over and over and honing in on what your child needs- love languages, I am talking about repeating "I love my children" to yourself over and over and over again as they throw things at you from all directions throughout the day. 

I am talking about a sacrificial love that is very hard!  This isn't an easy path.  This is anything BUT the "easy way to have a child".  This is a constant reminder that you will be tested on all sides!  This is a reminder that you CAN NOT DO IT ALONE :).  Oh - I do not like those words.  If you haven't met me yet I would describe myself as a persistent do it yourself kind of person.  ;) 

Oh, and did I mention you will be put completely outside of your comfort zone?  Because you will!  Whether it is someone's remarks to you about your child, or your child's actions, or the way to healing for your child that you never expected to have to do.  Maybe it started with the words- fundraising.  He he he he- that is enough for me to run for the hills!  Much less the crazy hard work of raising any child to begin with...without all the "hard places" some of our children have experienced. 

I think this concept of It Will Cost You Everything......has really hit me this week.  It hasn't been harder necessarily.  Well, I mean we only had one appliance break this week ;).  The kiddos haven't been any "harder" to deal with this week.  I think it is more because recently I was asked why we adopted.  At first I gave my "stock answer" we first adopted because we wanted to have children (I had cancer when I was 8 and a total hysterectomy).  Once our eyes were opened to the need- 163 million orphans worldwide- we decided to be open to that need. 

Both of the above answers are correct!  There is nothing wrong with them.  They are indeed why we have adopted our 9 beautiful children.  On a personal note I think I have realized is deeper than even my compassion and yearning for all children to have a home.  It is one of commitment to the Lord.  Of saying this is something I can do for Him.  I love children.  I love my large family.  I want to serve them and my husband. 

I am FAR from perfect, or even the best.  I get upset.  I lose my patience.  I don't want to keep giving sometimes I just want to hide in the closet.  I roll my eyes back at my kids.  I don't take the time I should to listen to them every time they come to me with something. 

But, my children......they are my living sacrifice to the Lord, imperfect though it is.  My service to them and in turn to God is what I do.  What I want to do for Him.  I want my children to know, to be healed, to be redeemed by the ONE WHO DIED over 2,000 years ago for them, for me! 

When I am tempted to give up and throw in the towel- I try my best to remember my adoption cost Jesus everything!  Praise God HE STILL CHOSE ME!  In turn.....I choose to keep going.  To keep sacrificing.  To keep saying God I can't do this- HELP!  To keep saying.....I am not perfect, but I will continue to give all I can.  IT WILL COST ME/US EVERYTHING AND IT IS WORTH IT!


  1. I roll my eyes too. My 19 yo said," mom, be careful, your eyes might roll right out of your head!" Ha ha ha! I wonder where he's heard that?! Adoption, it causes us to die to self daily. Many times daily. But I love it! I pray you are having a blessed Holy Week.

  2. Something I've been wondering lately - do you think its possible for people to really get it (what you've written above) unless they've been there? I know of a handful of people that seem like they do and got the vision for adoption before they had bio kids or before they struggled with infertility or before (whatever)...Katie Davis comes to mind. Most people I've seen though have approached with good intentions (wanting to grow/start a family, wanting to give children a home, etc.) but not because they truly understood the heart of God on this matter. I'm coming to believe you have to be transformed on the journey in this case rather than being transformed and then taking the journey, if that makes sense. Just a thought.

  3. I loved your post above. It does indeed speak so much truth to the situation of adoption and our Lord. Thanks for putting it so well. By the way Michael is looking so good has come so far, glory to God. And love, love, love the home made baby wipes idea. I have to try that one! I am at

    May God richly bless the work of your hands and the fruit of your lips.


  4. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing--I needed it!

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