Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Michael Jason Wright!!!!

 Hey you - Mr. Cute!!!
 It's Birthday time!!!!!  Oooooooohhhhhh......
 You seriously got me balls that have sparkles and lights up when you bounce it- COOLLLL!!!!! 
 He loved these blocks- don't remember what you call them, but they have "bristles" and stick together. 
 He loved feeling them!!!  Having a sensory kiddo is fun! 
 Seeing him put this to his mouth is worth a million dollars! 
 They are squishy little animals with soft texture and they too light up when you bounce them.  Another big hit! 
 Ooooo- look mom I am ripping the paper open myself!  Proud of you babe!! 
 He loves this too- you know the "impression" toy that you keep doing over and over again. 
 His favorite toy- beads!!!!  Seriously couldn't get enough of them!  He will do anything in therapy if you let him play with beads, but if you take them away....well let's just say- GOOD LUCK! 
 Mommy's little good morning Birthday Boy sign! 
 So we went to Busch Gardens for the day- I know, big surprise ;). 
 Mommy and Daddy!  I love how it says - Photo op with Big Momma!  ;) he he he he he too funny!!! 
 Most of all I love this  little boy God has placed into our lives!!!!  I love his first healing family!!!!  Of course I also think of his birth mother as well......and just pray for her daily!!!! 
 He is such a gift!!!  He amazes me all the time!!!  Today he was cuddling with me in my bed and I smiled real big- and he smiled back.......and my heart melted in a huge puddle! 
 **Big brothers thinking that laying out in the sun would dry them off from the water ride faster. 
 He enjoys life so much!!!  He loves it when we have to park a ways away at church and the golf cart people come to pick us up.  He loves the breeze in his face!  **Note yes they are big golf carts with many rows, and fit our family just right- with no other passengers....he he he he he.....
 Joanna- you silly cute girl.  I know you love having Michael as a brother- because you remind me daily!! 
 These two love on Michael and are always smooching his face! 
 Look at this beautiful young lady!  She is amazing and I love her too!!!  See why I have so many kiddos- I just love them all soooo much!!! 
 Mr. Cool here!  He was fussing until after the train ride started then he liked it.  My little boy is growing up!!! 
 This was Joanna after being in the car 10 minutes.  ;)
 Got Milk?  Yep - still awake.  Not sure how because he only had a few minutes of nap during the day.  My little boy who has come so far and works so hard to do more and more!  Today he crawled up an incline!!!  Then down into a bean bag!!!  Do you realize how amazing that is?  I may burst some buttons. 
 This man - oooohhhhhh LOVE HIM!!!!  He is such a great daddy!!!!!  People that is way attractive to me!  I love that he has gotten so involved in helping Michael do "his in home therapy".  That he loves to make him laugh and giggle! 
 Oh and that he makes wonderful cupcakes!!!  Check these out- they are the ones where it is vanilla and chocolate- and so is the frosting!  :) YUMMY!
 Michael actually looked at his cupcakes this year. 
 He was really curious about them, and stuck his hands in the frosting. 
 Of course we are working on actually putting the food in our own mouth still, but we are starting! 
This my friends was a BLESSED DAY!!!  Celebrating our miracle's birthday!!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet miracle :) We love you!

  2. They are called bristle blocks! Cute pictures!