Wednesday, March 9, 2011

URGENT PRAYER NEEDED!!! Lots of pictures, and our moving adventure

This post is an URGENT PRAYER for everyone to drop whatever it is you are doing!!!!  PLEASE JOIN US and sign this is a petition for the MILLIONS of children of ETHIOPIA!!!  They are set to reduce adoptions in Ethiopia by 90% without our OUTCRY FOR HELP!!!  Please join us- you don't have to be planning on adopting from Ethiopia, or have adopted from Ethiopia....just a concerned person for the MILLIONS OF CHILDREN THAT WILL BE AFFECTED!!!!  SOO......STOP, PRAY, AND SIGN HERE (it seriously takes less than a minute!!!)  THANK YOU!!!!!                                          OK so the above picture is Andrew helping disassemble the bunk beds during last weeks disassembling campaign in our home :)  Isn't he sooo handsome?  Yeah, totally charming!!!                                 
Joanna trying to get the hang of a sippy cup.  Don't worry she is still "on the baba" for a while, but trying to get her to hold her cup on her own too.....
Hmmmm....Not sure who is playing with the toy,but hey aren't they the cutest????  (Jonathan the reason my passion for orphans in other countries is SOOO HUUUUGGGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Yeah, so Jason said you would all want proof of all of my crazy here I am hugging/packing some book shelves....soo fun.  Smile, Dawn this is for your blog :)
What do you do with a rolling laundry cart?  Put the baby on and roll around the house of course.  Hey, packing has to be made fun somehow :)
Awwww.....Sarah helping with Joanna- yummy baba time :)
A Goodbye gathering that happened right after our weekend camp last weekend.  Which by the way- WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  God is moving in this camp....and will continue!!!! :) 
Our first 26' moving truck in our front yard.  Funny the only other times we have ever taken pictures of the outside of our home.....for homestudies :)  he he he he he
Now some of you might ask.....what do you do with Joanna when both of you are sooo very busy packing???
Answer:  Put on her video for her of course :) 
What is her video?  The one Jason made for her birth family whom we love sooo very much to share with them her first year.  :)  SHE LOVES IT!!!!  Of course she does!!!!!  :)
Oh yeah, we also have the older kids help "babysit" with her while the others are all outside playing in the mud, jumping in puddles, going wild outside - while we are packing of course....  :) 
Hello.....this is Joanna.....yes I know I am cute- What can I say?  thank you....bye bye :)
This was our home.......
After packing up the moving van......
Notice some things missing?????
Don't worry there is still quite a bit to be packed.......
Any takers?????  He he he.....  Jason kept getting nervous when he said well...this won't fit on the will fit on the next one- yeah....he didn't like that response. 
One benefit from moving?
We have totally simplified - A LOT!!!!! 
Us, and our kiddos....and that stack in the corner- that is what used to be on our changing I sure shoved a lot on that unit. :)
So there you have it.....a lot less STUFF in our home right now.  Jason phoned a few times today.  He made it safely a couple of hours ago, but had issues getting in to the storage place we are using...praying he found a solution???  The code they gave him was wrong :(  

So..... I am on my own the next few days.  I took today OFF- well I mean from packing.  Mommies never have a day off really :) he he he.  BUT I did take time to have fun, giggle, read, and play with the kids.  

Praying - tomorrow team FAMILY will be unpacking our crazy truckload of stuff, and then rest on Friday until he comes home to us - late night.  Then Step 1 will be done.  How many steps you ask....LOTS!  

PRAYING for the children and families in Ethiopia who are in desperate need!  PLEASE PASS THE PETITION ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are a BUSY lady. Praying for your family during this transition.

    Praying for Ethiopia.

    (you have the cutest kids :)

  2. thanks for the prayers ansd the cute pics! Just curious, what are your thoughts on the ET program? Jill

  3. Thank you for the prayers! We are so so torn about the whole thing...we JUST started. :(
    Praying for your move.

  4. Oh Dawn you aren't kidding when you say you are crazy busy!! But goodness, look at those BEAUTIFUL children,oh my, you are SOOOOOO blessed!! Thankful things are going well as far as packing and getting step one down, prayers already said for Jason and the ability to get in to the storage unit. Continued prayers for each and every step yet to come and for safety and God's direction and blessings to overwhelm you too.
    Prayers for Ethiopian officials to think clearly and for all those precious treasures waiting for a place to call home...forever.
    Much love!

  5. Way to go Dawn. Moving is a great way to "downsize" so you can upsize, don't you think?

  6. Looks to me like you all are doing a great job. You are so wise to take a break and just be mommy for a day! Keeping some normalcy amongst the chaos!

    We have signed the petition and are praying for the children of Ethiopia!

  7. Just signed the petition Dawn. Your moving pics remind me of us just a few months ago. Keep your chin up-- soon you will be settled.

  8. I signed the petition last night and I am joining you in prayer...4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia alone. I pray that things will be "figured" out and once again children can come home to forever families.

    Happy packing!! I can't wait to see Florida through your blog!! ( I am a little far from that state. I have only been there twice. I love to see new places.)

  9. I just signed the petition through Kimmie's blog - I hope they don't allow this to go through.

    You guys sure have been busy! Moving is definitely a wonderful time to simplify & get rid of anything you don't want! You are doing well!
    Have a great weekend

  10. Praying for your sweet family during this transition process. I love that your family trusts the Lord so much. I'm excited to see how the Lord's plan unfolds in this next chapter of your lives.