Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still alive, and praying soon.....we will be somewhere else

So here is how we roll with the Wright Family.  This is a video clip on Joanna's Birthday.  It's all the kids singing the "Joanna chant".  This is what the kids do to help entertain Joanna when she gets crabby and it always seems to work.  Nothing like having you very own song!  :)

Tossing our cutie pie always makes her giggle - love it!  just a few seconds long literally....
Love her cheeky face in this.....
And love her new skill of clapping- soo cute!!!

News flash Elizabeth lost her first tooth & Joanna had her last formula bottle.....  awwwww.....
One year ago yesterday was the first time I held Joanna.  One year ago today was the first time Jason held Joanna :)  Time flies!!

So on the housing situation (don't know check the last post)....nothing has changed well except our microwave now broke as well.  I think our kids have cut themselves a million times on the corners of the sharp edged furniture.  Lovely......

We do have a couple of possibles????  PRAYING one of them works out soon!!!  Praising God for what we have and trying to play the Glad Game.  :) 

Tomorrow we are going to enjoy church, and we get to see my cousin Heidi's family :)  YEAH!!!


  1. What cute videos!!! You can just feel the love for Joanna. Love it.

    Praying for your family! Wish I could help out in another way.... I am praying for your situation and safety!

  2. You guys are on my mind a ton. Praying for a new housing situation VERY VERY VERY quick. Did I mention I'm praying for it quick? LOL...your kids are PRECIOUS!!!!

  3. Joanna is two cute and already so full of energy! I love that it looks like she is about to knock her highchair over. What a fun family you have. Praying for your housing.

  4. Your kiddos are all adorable! Love seeing the pictures of everyone..and baby Joanna, know. Precious! Praying that God will go before you in this journey to a new home and you will find His favor beyond measure! ...keep playing the Glad Game, too. :)

  5. My daughter loved watching the Joanna chant, and she loved watching her "make music!" Thanks for sharing!

  6. OH She is so cute! Hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly!
    Hope the houseing situation sorts itself out soon!
    Thinking of you guys

  7. They are all so precious and I love their song! I love to hear babies laugh! lol