Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Boxes, Moving, Weekend Camp- OH MY!!!

 More boxes........
 Yep- more boxes.............
 Cute Baby Girl..............
 Baby trying to help..........
 A room full of boxes.........
 Disassemble, disassemble, disassemble............all week long.......
 Baby girl helping again......????
 Ooooopppsss....this is what happens when you leave baby girl with snack and walk away to try to pack some things......  :) oops
Oh well, she wasn't worried.

This has already been a very very very crazy week!!!!!

Sunday night- our summer staff came by to visit and say goodbye- Very hard to do.  They have been our only true FRIENDS since we moved here.  We will miss them GREATLY!!!  Praise God most are coming back this summer to continue to work for HIM!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Monday night- Sarah asked Jesus into her heart!  WAHOOOO CELEBRATE WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night- Jason and I escaped and went to see Grace Card- GREAT MOVIE the whole world should see!!!!!!!!!  ***Side note if you are a movie critic and you didn't like the acting- I really couldn't care less- the movie content was GREAT!!!!!

Now have to go- more disassembling, packing, wrapping to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) Whew....

Oh yeah don't forget to pray for our weekend camp this weekend- FOR LIVES TO BE CHANGED FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. AHHH! Are you crazy yet??? So thankful for Sarah's decision...Keep plugging along friends! What alot of boxes!!

  2. Praise the Lord for sweet Sarah's decision!!

    I have no idea how you are doing all of this. I know it has to get done, but I'm SOOO impressed! Keep up the good work. You'll be in the sunshine state before you know it!

  3. Isn't it amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years? I wouldn't even know where to start if we moved - but it looks like you guys are doing awesome! :)

  4. Yeah Sarah!! Rejoicing with you for sure!
    Have I told you lately that I think you are amazing?!? Cuz you are! :)
    Much love and prayers!

  5. Praying this move goes smoothly. You are such an example to all the families out there who think they just can't adopt because they simply couldn't do more than they are already doing. And I am so thrilled to hear about your Sarah and I pray I'll be posting the same about my Sarah one day soon. :)

    Much love!

  6. The boxes seem like it will never end- doens't it? (I still think we have a box- or two from our move!) Praying for you and the family during this transition.

  7. AAAAAAAAA!!!!! I HATE moving...and I can't even begin to imagine it with a family of 10! Praying for your continued strength through the rest of it, and so happy about your Sarah!

  8. Exciting, exciting!!!! Praying for a peace amid the chaos;)! And YIPPEEEE for Sarah!

  9. Girl, I'm exhausted just reading about your life, hehe! I don't know how you do it but you do a GREAT job!!

  10. Never a dull moment!! :-D

    So happy for Sarah!!

  11. Oh my is right! :) I love how your heart for Jesus and your children hasn't been sidelined due to the packing craziness! Awesome, sister!!

  12. Holy cow! Isn't it amazing how many boxes you get when you move. One thing I like about moving sis maybe getting rid of a few things. Praying for you all this weekend! Have fun!

  13. Yikes! Wish we were closer to help! Looks like you have the cutest help though! And Praise the Lord on the new addition to the Kingdom!!! :)
    Praise God! :)

  14. Sarah's decision is awesome - Praise God!!
    You guys sure have been busy - moving is just plain hard work!
    Glad you will be able to come back & help with summer camps - that will be fun!
    Hope it continues to go smoothly for you all!
    Have fun

  15. moving with kids is SO hard! But when your settled into your new home it will be so worth it!

  16. Rejoicing with sweet Sarah! Never a dull moment in the Wright household :)