Sunday, October 18, 2009

God's Blessings are HUGE!

So the above flowers are from my best friend, the man who has journeyed with me on this crazy road for over 12 years. The man I am excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with! The man who is the best father in the world, and spiritual leader in our home! I love my husband and this past week he reminded me of the fact that he loved me to. Not just with flowers, but with the long hours he pours into the camp ministry, with his love for the kids, with his leadership in our home spiritually guiding & nurturing our children in their walks with Christ, with his patience with me- even when it is undeserved! This is a fantastic Man Of God :) Thanks Baby!!!
Not wanting to be outdone by his father this is a flower picked from a tree outside our home by Matthew.....awwwwwww.....
Here he is.....
and Joshua....
Ooops messed up the order, but this is a pic of all of our kids trying on hats & gloves- pre trip to England preparedness! Because we are whimps- I mean southerners- from Louisiana we need these as we head off to England next month. Oh yeah.......7 children - one 9 hour flight....yep. Trying to prepare- the key word- trying! Can't wait to see all of Jason's family again :)
Awww....Abigail & Jonathan. You can see he isn't spoiled or anything by his siblings (yeah right!). So Jonathan.....just wait until Naomi gets here......yep we will have to deal with sibling rivalry - again :)
Here is Elizabeth petting our indoor dog- Teddy. Awww...
Sarah playing the drama queen- she is really great at it!
Andrew & Sarah being silly of curse
The kids messing around after dancing to the new David Crowder CD!

So other than obviously having a fantastic husband, wonderful children, .....we also have a wonderful church family. Let me clarify what I mean- our church family to me is not only those that go to our church (whom we love very much!!!), but also those out there who are a part of The Church! You have all supported us with wonderful gifts in these past couple of weeks- we are now up to almost $2,000!!!!! We are blown away with your love and the love of God in you - that you would help us bring our baby girl home!

When you have Blessings like that from The Church! YOU ARE BLESSED INDEED! So a shout out to all who are making a reality of bringing our Naomi HOME! You are on our hearts and I know Naomi is feeling your love for her. In fact we got sooo excited today that we started an impromptu praising in our home for all of those who have been praying for us, donating to us, and supporting us in this adoption!!!!! May God Receive the Glory for the Great Things He Has Done!


  1. It is so awesome that you are so blessed - you deserve it. I love the example you are setting not only for your kids, but all those who read your blog....God bless you all! You rock!

  2. You are so blessed because you are also a blessing to those around you. It's wonderful to have such a supportive church family and family at home. May the Lord continue to bring good fortune and love into your life.

  3. What a wonderful post! It's good to have a wonderful husband and you are blessed with such great kids! ;o) Thank you for sharing your joy with us!

  4. I love pics of your family! So much activity and beautiful faces! :)


  5. awwww... what a great post!!! England... how fun! Can't wait to read posts about your trip.

  6. The children ARE beautiful! We get our praise dancing on with Toby Mac! Our 2 year old runs for a tutu when she hears the CD click on.
    Closer to Naomi!!! I am sure Jason's family is excited to see you guys too! The kids will be thrilled with movies and video games on the plane. Our 7 year old was!

  7. love seeing pictures from the daily life of your beautiful family!