Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun with Blog Friends!

So this past weekend Thursday night - Saturday morning we had company :) We were thrilled. When you live in the middle of nowhere....your church is 45 minutes away......your nearest family is 16hours live in the middle of nowhere. So we had a fellow blog family visit- with 7 of her 13 children :) Our kind of family- check out her web too!-
So here are the kids on the basketball court playing down by the riverside. It's a clapping game that keeps kids occupied, but if overheard by parents too much- you may have to go insane!
Boys.......balancing on the log...
Want to guess what Matthew has in his hands that he is talking about- yep a frog....
Just swinging!
OK this is the kids - the favorite part of the playground is the "glider" you hang on and glide across to the other side.
And the roller.....funny watching them all try to get on without one of them falling off again.
We also have this springboard square type thing. They were all on at one point but I don't think I was quick enough to catch it.
They made up this game of introducing yourself and singing about hilarious.
Jonathan- trying to find his golf ball.....poor babe.
Racing time!!!!! They were both very fast!
Playing more on the basketball court!
Not sure what they are doing??
Jonathan- just too cute!
OK so not sure what happened to my rock wall pics?? I can only seem to find one, and I know I took more than that??? So if you want to see more of the rock wall you will have to go to our friend's page

The best part of the visit was actually our visits...sharing testimonies of all God has done in our lives. We have very similar views on our faith, and about raising children. Sharing our adoption experiences.....laughing over our beautiful children and enjoying our time with them. I can't really explain how much it meant to have them visit, but it refreshed me! I needed that!!!

Did I mention that they volunteered to watch after our 7 while we left at 5:30am for our fingerprint appointment at USCIS (homeland security & immigration). THANK YOU!!!!! We just knew from their blog that they were people we would love to get to know- and boy did we ever hit it off!!! I totally love having people in my life that I can look up to- someone to mentor me. Since all my family are far away, and sometimes it feels like we are out in the middle of nowhere- I love blogging!!!!

It was a definitely a treat & our kids have been going on non stop! YEAH! Come back any time bloggy friends!!!! Hey, anyone want to come visit- we'd love it!


  1. Looks like so much fun!
    Blog friends are great. I have so many that I would love to meet in real life.

  2. So happy all went well and a good time was had by all!!



  3. Sounds great! What a wonderful time!

  4. Thanks for your message on my blog. Your kids are to see your pictures!


  5. HOW FUN!!! I love all the pictures. our nearest grandparent lives 12 hours away, so I know what you mean... it is hard!

  6. Love these pics! Have I ever told you how much I love big families?! I don't know if we are headed in that direction or not, but we'll see. In the meantime I can enjoy blogs like yours to take a sneak-peak into the life of a big family. I will have to check out your friend's blog too. I love those hand-clapping games but I never know the words. I need to learn! :)

  7. oh, how fun!!! I love HOW MUCH fun they are having together...What a blessing!! kj

  8. We were BLESSED by our time with you!!!

    And, we might be headed your way again next summer ... there might be a family wedding in the works in Atlanta, so I'm sure we could head your direction, too.


  9. What a special time. Thank you Lord for like-minded friend. So glad you were blessed. Now if I could just find families like you all close to me :(