Monday, January 2, 2017


I am getting back to something that makes me happy!  Blogging!  After stepping away for far too long I realized that I blogged because it made me happy.  I enjoy writing about our family and sharing.  It was a sense of creating that I have missed for far too long.

Shout out to Jason because my computer is having technical difficulties so he stepped in to help give me some solutions.  For those of you who think I have all the computer things figured out- nope.  Jason is who I call if I have problems and beg him to help! 

 So let's see this year we did a lot that I didn't blog about, but maybe that is the point of a New Year's Blog post.  To say I missed out, but it's ok to pick it back up and start again. 
 I got to hold some babies which is a great perk to the job of helping families through the adoption process. 
 Jason's parents were able to come visit! 
 We went to the beach!
 We had lots of crazy fun times together as a family. 
 Don't ask me what this is......because you know...... boys! 
 We snuggled a lot because Michael is pretty irresistible! 
 We loved well!
 Oh- look at my Christmas present!  Rocking chairs for our front porch so I can enjoy our beautiful 3 acres. 
 Date nights with this special man who after almost 20 years has put up with me.  It must be love! 
 Fun times out! 
 Oh and this magical fun from Christmas time.  Jason and I snuck out one evening and made multiple trips to the store for........
 BIKES!  Ummm.....let's just say getting that many bikes into the Suburban took a few trips. 
 It was worth it as our kiddos have spent time every day on their bikes since then! 

 OK say it with me- Joshua has gotten extremely tall!  (He is about 6'2")

 Michael got a bike too it just doesn't have pedals.  It is to help him learn how to walk (balance bike).  I just ordered a bike trailer for him as well so we can all go out on family bike rides as well.  Daddy put it together this afternoon. 
 Joanna and Jonathan learned how to ride a bike for the first time and it didn't take long for either one.  Now they are zipping all around our yard and neighborhood. 

 We have had many trips to Universal this year and have enjoyed all the rides there.  Joanna was so excited to be tall enough to ride The Mummy. 

 So after not blogging for a long time, I am back and starting again.  So if you want to follow along on our crazy Wright Family Adventures feel free to come check us out.  I will still be blogging about adoption, our adoptive family's adoption stories, about our family, and about our faith.  Praying your 2016 was great and that your 2017 will be even greater!


  1. hiya , im not sure how independant your extra special son is but we got my son a larg tricycle so he had the same indepandance as his sibling and he loves it.

    1. That's awesome, Julie! Michael isn't real independent right now. We also bought for him a bike trailer so he can ride as a passenger when we go on family bike rides.