Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy 14th Adoption Day Andrew

January 6th is this handsome man's Adoption Day...... 14 years ago we stood in court and said yes to being his family forever.

 Ha- yes the weights were wrapped in a towel, because paper would have torn from me trying to pick them up to put them on the table!  He also got a watch, clothes, and of course books to read because he goes through books like I go through a meal.  ;)

 Andrew is fun, crazy, very smart, LOVES history, very persistent, wants to be a police officer, is incredibly smart with his money, and likes to organize games or activities. 

We went to Universal and had a fun day out!!!  In our family Adoption Day is the same as a Birthday.  We want to bless our children and have some fun together as a family. 

We love you Andrew James Wright!  We pray daily that God continues to work in your life to make you who He wants you to be.  That God gives you strength to continue to grow in Him and share Him with others.  That you trust Him completely and that you seek Him! 


  1. They have grown up so much since we spent time with you that day. Hate to guess how long ago it was. We are due to get together again!